Pity poor Kwame the Magnificent, the Land of Lincoln’s Attorney General.  He’s a master of symbolism over substance, smooth talk over real action.   And a would-be tyrant if he had the chance.  He thinks he’s a “rising star” in the Democratic party…  you know, a rising star like a new waitor/waitress at Cracker Barrel.

Instead of twinkling, Kwame’s star has started to sputter quite a bit since the Illinois General Assembly passed a Draconian new gun and magazine ban.  See, Kwame’s job is to defend the new law and he’s not doing such a good job.  Yeah, he talks a good game, and he has 447 attorneys in his office, but nearly every time he’s appeared in court to defend the gun ban, judges have slapped him down in both state and federal court.

And now, even after submitting about 2000 pages of “supporting” documentation and briefs attempting to defend the ban, a judge ruled against him.  Saint Stephen McGlynn issuing a preliminary injunction against the gun ban.  In 29 pages, the judge cuts through Team Kwame’s four reams of pleadings and expert witnesses like Bozo Bob Morgan and historians like the historical revisionist Saul something or another.

And news of Kwame’s inept work has not only splashed out to a national audience courtesy of yours truly over at The Truth About Guns, but it’s at ZeroHedge, CBS News, The Hill, FoxNews, Breitbart, Newsmax and more…

We’ll see how this plays out.  

And Kwame’s doing a lot in the background trying to simplify his work.  Meanwhile, we’re working hard to make his job more difficult and miserable.

Todd Vandermyde has an update.


4 thoughts on “BOO HOO: National coverage of Kwame’s federal court loss defending Illinois gun ban law”
  1. The more misery Kwame the Klown suffers, the better it is for the US Constitution and its supporters. I wasn’t aware that so far Kwame has mounted any sort of defense of the law at all. He has churned out a couple of novels of fiction and applied the Wayback Machine to the days before Bruen was a thing.

    He did manage to enlist the help of a couple of fellow travelers in the Northern District that worship at the moldering corpse of V.I. Lenin himself, but that’s about it.

  2. Yep, a bad day for Kwame is a good day for freedom. And the more publicity Kwame gets the better. The guys a snake oil salesman grifter POS.

    1. That works for me, can someone photoshop a big red nose and facepaint on the klown? although with that big wide grin all he really needs is the nose! Won’t be too long he will have a big frown to replace that nasty smug grin, I hope!

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