One of Joe Biden’s kids from the border, an illegal alien deported at least FOUR times, killed five in Texas this past Friday.  The authorities thought they had him but he slipped away.  He’s now in the wind and is very much a wanted man.  And, of course, Chicago has been a destination for illegals as both the city and our state are well-known “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens.  Even criminal aliens like this one.

Note the tattoo on this arm.

From Breitbart:

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers indicated Francisco Oropesa, the Mexican national who allegedly shot and killed five people in Cleveland, Texas, on Friday, has eluded police and “could be anywhere now…”

NBC News quoted Capers talking about one of the shooting victims, an eight-year-old boy. He said, referring to Oropesa, “I don’t care if he was here legally, I don’t care if he was here illegally. He was in my county, five people died in my county, and that is where my heart is — in my county, protecting my people to the best of our ability.”

The FBI is warning people to stay clear of the 38-year-old suspect if they spot him, FOX News reported: “Reminder, if you see him DO NOT approach him. He is armed and dangerous. If you have a tip about his whereabouts call the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office at 936-653-4367.”

On Sunday, FBI special agent in charge Fred Smith said police and agents have just been “running into dead ends” in their search for Oropesa.

He added, “Right now, we have zero leads of him.”

If you see this guy and confirm that tattoo on his arm, call the authorities.  Don’t approach him, but if he gives you a reason to use deadly force by threatening innocent life, light him up well.



2 thoughts on “A WANTED MAN COMING TO CHICAGO? Illegal alien slips past authorities after murdering five in Texas”
  1. This illegal alien might be dangerous to unarmed sheep but I will drop him like a bad habit if he wants to play juegos estúpidos. A la mierda él y su madre.

  2. Any reason to think he’s headed this way? Hopefully he will make a wrong turn and either self Deport or end up dead. I am okay with either but I would rather use some hot pliars on him first

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