Chicago had much cooler temperatures this weekend, and it’s amazing what 30 degrees will do for the will to cause mayhem and rioting.  That and a whole lot of police resources.


What’s more remarkable is a group of a couple of hundred people who turned out in downtown Chicago this past Saturday to “pray” for those hoodlums who caused all manner of mayhem the previous weekend.

The brought some professionally produced signage:  “You matter to God.  You matter to us too.”

Are these people really this clueless and naive?  Or is someone paying them to turn out to support this “kinder, gentler” manner of dealing with people who destroy, assault and attack innocent people?

Interestingly, the Sun-Times didn’t even post this story on their Twitter account.

From the Sun-Times:

Nearly 400 people, led by local clergy on Saturday, took to the streets of the Loop to offer their response to last weekend’s chaos when hundreds of young people gathered downtown — with some engaging in violent acts and harassment of people on the street.

The roving groups tied up police resources and two people were shot amid the mayhem. Fifteen people were arrested.

A week later, organizers said their march was aimed at showing the city’s youth that people care about them and that they are ready to offer them opportunities in the hope it will discourage teens from taking part in future social-media fueled takeovers and acting unruly.

Because young people who have eschewed countless “opportunities” in the past are suddenly going to respond to a march downtown?

Charlie Dates, senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago and Progressive Baptist Church, cited community divestment, a gap in educational opportunities and neighborhood violence as examples of the ways some children in the city have been left behind. 

The Chicago Public Schools is to blame for the gap in educational opportunities.  When only 11% of black students can read at grade level, there’s a problem.  When kids graduate with a diploma they can’t read, they have little in the way of opportunities to gain meaningful employment or to turn work into a career and from there get married, raise a family and become productive members of society. 

Instead, all they have in front of them is the glamorous “gangsta” lifestyle.

The money, the drugs, the guns and the women.

Do yourself a favor:  turn off the sound if you decide to click on the vid where I scraped these images.


7 thoughts on “WHO PAID FOR THIS? Saturday sees a couple of hundred marching in Chicago *supporting* the previous weekend’s rioting teens…”
  1. Love the video !!! More fake diamonds and cheap bling than a 9 year old girls princess dress, and RENTED Rolls Royce cars too !!! You can always tell a rented Rolls ( or other really high end car ) is rented because the “gangstas” in the videos don’t drive them they just have them as a prop and driving is not allowed because the rental company won’t chance some low class “artist” wrecking a $400,000 car. Another tacky take away is that you really don’t see Rolls Royce owners with piles of money staying at LaQuinta. Presidential suite, HAHAHA !!!!! Whoever funded this march is a sick and dangerous enabler to the young and stupid.

  2. So they have a large police presence in Millenium Park, then the thug element knows there are far less police elsewhere. Kind of like Whack-a-Mole?

  3. Can’t do math or read a newspaper but he has lots of (fake costume?) jewelry… and diamond encrusted teeth. I am convinced the Ku Klux Klan invented the “gangsta” lifestyle… far more effective at tearing down the black family culture than guys in holy sheets could ever accomplish. Those do gooder fools. “They just need more opportunities…”. Hey dumbasses, most gang bangers are already lost. Work and education are for chumps. We’ll sling some dope, treat women like life support for vaginas and take what we want from others until we get shot dead or get caught and sent to prison. And I like black people, especially smart, successful ones. Imagine what stupid white people who only read about black on black crime and rap thugs like these think about black folks they don’t know…

  4. I’ve given birth to turds more valuable than those guys in that video. And flushed them with satisfaction and without remorse. Who paid for that protest? Probably Brandon Johnson’s friends. It’s never authentic on the left. It’s always rented or purchased.

  5. By the way, what’s the cleanup fee for getting the marijuana smoke smell out of a Rolls Royce rental?

  6. He should have spent less money on dope and more money hiring models with a BMI under forty. Christ, you could find better looking women at a Weight Watchers meeting.

  7. As I said in an earlier post – this is nothing a squadron of A-10s couldn’t fix.

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