On Tuesday, word spread of Soros-darling Kim Foxx not running for re-election as the Cook County State’s Attorney.  Her term in office has been, for the decent people of Cook County, a disaster.  Decriminalizing property and drug crimes while not charging plenty of other violent felonies (or undercharging them like the career criminal who stabbed a store manager catching a misdemeanor charge.)

So yes, break out a bottle of cheap champagne to celebrate Kim Foxx leaving.  However, thanks to early voting and ballot harvesting, it’s not a sure bet that Foxx’s replacement won’t be worse.  Maybe a lot worse.  After all, look what happened in the Chicago mayor’s race!

Also, someone page Jim “Low T” Durkin to tear himself away from browsing online gay porn.  This is his moment to throw his hat  in the ring as a “principled” or “compassionate” conservative or whatever squishy RINOs are calling themselves this year –  to raise a bunch of campaign money and waste everyone’s time to fight for the Republican nomination for the Cook County State’s Attorney.  Fighting real Republicans and conservatives is about the only time Jimmy “Low T” fights for anything except the last carton of soy milk at the store or fighting for gun control proposals to strip the little people of their ability to defend their homes and families.

CWB has the good news

CHICAGO — Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx will not seek re-election in 2024. Foxx announced during a speech at the City Club of Chicago at lunchtime Tuesday. She will complete her term, which ends in December 2024.

The list of possible replacements is already being drawn up by political spectators, with NBC5’s Mary Ann Ahern suggesting former Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson, former Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, and Dan Kirk, a high-ranking prosecutor under Foxx’s predecessor as possibilities. Late last year, a CWBChicago source said a recently-resigned Cook County judge was leaving the bench to run for Foxx’s seat.

Foxx may be best remembered for fumbling the prosecution of Jussie Smollett. In a series of bungled decisions, Foxx purported to recuse herself from the matter but did not follow state law in doing so, making the prosecution invalid, a judge would later rule before appointing a special prosecutor to investigate then prosecute Smollet.

After Smollett was convicted last year, Foxx called it “a kangaroo prosecution.”

Project much, Kimmy?

6 thoughts on “PAGING LOSER JIM DURKIN: Soros-funded Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx announces she’s not running for re-election..”
  1. Good riddance to Foxx. I don’t go to Chicago anymore so I really don’t care who replaces her. Jim Durkin? Gay porn? Lol lmao. You probably were not s’posed to say that out loud.

    1. If Durkin was any more of a squish, he’d be spokesmodeling for Bud Light alongside that tranny they now have.

  2. Who thinks this matters? They just ‘elected’ a full-blown communist to mayor. Their ilk pollutes the rest of the state through the Genital Assembly. Why would anyone think that the next Sorosite shitbird isn’t going to be just that much worse?

  3. Kim Foxx, the husband beater. Good riddance. But we can rest assured the morons in Chicago will never elect anyone competent for the job. And if someone competent looks like they have a chance, they’ll collect mailed ballots, fill them out and send them in for the most Marxist candidate.

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