What do you call someone who uses unlawful violence to affect political change?  A terrorist.

Sure, the 25-year-old killer didn’t wear a ski mask, and he didn’t come from a third-world hell hole.  But that didn’t stop him from writing a “manifesto” on his reasons for killing innocent people.  As if we should listen to a lunatic or allow him to direct public policy.

The UK Daily Mail has apparently seen the Louisville mass murderer’s 13-page “manifesto” and in it, he said he committed the heinous act to promote gun control.  Oh yes, and to kill himself, but he couldn’t do that right either.  Instead of suck starting his new gun before killing others, he killed others and the cops put an end to his life on this mortal coil.

Police responded to the incident with great urgency and within a couple of minutes, they engaged him and put him down like a rabid dog.

The 25-year-old social misfit had a good education and a good job, but he was depressed that someone made fun of him when he was five years old or that his daddy didn’t give him enough attention as a child.  So he decided he was going to kill others to promote his love of gun control.  

What a sick, sick piece of fecal matter.

From the Daily Mail:

Louisville bank shooter [scumbag’s name redacted] wrote a chilling manifesto before slaughtering five senior executives at the branch where he worked, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

The 13-page missive describes his goals before the horror at the downtown Old National Bank, where the 25-year-old livestreamed the massacre on Instagram as he gunned down co-workers at their morning conference.

Sturgeon made three key points in the manifesto, which is in the hands of the police: he wanted to kill himself, he wanted to prove how easy it was to buy a gun in Kentucky and he wanted to highlight a mental health crisis in America.

The killer continued to blame-shift for his actions even in his final days on Earth.  What a loser.

At the same time his distraught parents are grasping at straws for why their kid did something so horrific.

Sturgeon’s family has also spoken about his “mental health challenges,” though they did not specify what illnesses he was battling.

There are millions of Americans if not tens of millions with “mental health challenges” who don’t buy a gun and go mow down a bunch of people in a gun-free zone like Old National Bank in Louisville.

Would anyone like to call Old National and ask if they’ve rescinded their “no guns” policy that kept their location a “disarmed victim zone” for the mass murderer?

So there you have it:  the Louisville murderer was a domestic terrorist – a real terrorist, not a concerned parent who goes to their school board meeting or someone going to church.

One thought on “TERRORIST: Louisville spree killer committed his murderous atrocity to *promote gun control* laws”
  1. Another “useful IDIOT” dies plying the democRATS agenda! The democRAT-iKKK “party” needs multiple/mass killings to further their anti-constitutional agenda and this mentally deficient waste of oxygen played right into the commie’s playbook, may he suffer in hades forevermore! Disgusting SCUM!
    Just my humble opinion.

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