(GSL) – Desiderius reached out to friends and family over Jay Lavinsky, one of the decorated soldiers who fought with his own father in World War II, including at the Battle of the Bulge. In that time, Mr. Lavinsky got word back that Desiderius’ father had been captured by the Germans when the War Department had Erasmus senior listed as MIA.

Mr. Erasmus helped Mr. Lavinsky’s spouse set up a Go Fund Me and we publicized it at Guns Save Life’s website.

Great news just arrived as we went to press. Here’s the email.

A room became available at the VA within the last few days. Jay spent his first night there last night, and from what I understand, it is not just a temp stay. The VA will pick up the costs.

I will start returning monies not spent. I was holding off on making donations to the charity set up in Jay’s name, because I was worried a bit that some bureaucrat deep in the bowels of VA might be looking at ability to pay and conclude that if Jay was “rich” enough to have all

this charity money, he didn’t qualify for some level of VA help. Rather than risk that, I’ll return remaining funds to you, as there are always more people to help.

You all did great. I am indebted to you forever.

Tonight, when it gets dark, walk out on your porch, look up, and you will hear some faint cheering off in the distance. It’s the boys in Company B cheering that their friend Jay got into a room, will be taken care of, and won’t die alone.

They are also cheering for you.