Our legislators in Springfield work hard every spring and every fall.  They have priorities, too.  Oftentimes, the priorities they talk – especially to media and voters – don’t match their votes.  Sort of like targets talk to those willing to listen, votes tell the tale in Springfield.  And folks, with votes like support for a legislative proposal to require air conditioning in Illinois homes.

(The Center Square) – Two bills in the Illinois legislature this session will require air conditioning, or at least a common room with air conditioning, in buildings housing seniors.

It hearkens back to this spring, when legislators moved a bill to fine drivers with lapdogs.

Clearly legislators aren’t that worried about the people dying on Chicago on a weekly basis.  Specifically, for instance, the death clock total of 52 shot and 9 homicides from this current week April 16-22.  From HeyJackass this morning:

Shot & Killed: 6
Shot & Wounded: 46
Total Shot: 52
Total Homicides: 9

Remember, 95% of shooting victims in Chicago are black and brown when it comes to skin color.  95%. 

If “black lives” really mattered to these legislators, as they say over and over and over some more, you would think they would be eager to get a handle on crime.  But that would involve putting bad guys in prison and those controlling the Illinois General Assembly have made it very clear they prefer decarceration over incarceration.  

4 thoughts on “With Chicago crime problem solved, Illinois legislators take on legislation to require air conditioning”
  1. If lapdogs can’t be in vehicles, does that mean Kwame has to walk everywhere he goes?

  2. Thank goodness the feckless clowns of springfield ( I did not capitalize on purpose) that continue to drive the bus over a financial cliff while people are murdered daily now have a cause in compelling others to provide air conditioning. Quoting the author, 95% of the victims of Chicagos shootings are people of color. This is not an issue to the people in power there, apparently. Rather than address the elephant in the room, and the enormous pile of ignored problems, the clowns pull out the “Im gonna get you something for nothing, and someone else is gonna pay for it” scam. The masses may follow, and rents will rise to pay the associated costs, at which time the masses will then wonder why the cost of housing themselves is rising.
    Rinse and repeat.
    A scam as old as time, the free lunch.
    And all the time, the taxes remain obscene, people die needlessly, and good people leave for safer and more affordable places.

  3. The pathetically mentally deficient democRAT-iKKK “party” are in a quandary when it comes to crime, victims, incarceration and the law statutes. DemocRATS NEED crime, especially firearms-related crime to push their Anti-gun agenda. The criminals are their most favored constituents, the victims, if *POCs (people of color) are also most favored constituents. Laws, well laws are made to be ignored, broken or whatever, so therefore crime can be ignored as well. Incarceration, well that is “cruel and unusual punishment” (unless you are Caucasian, or maybe Jewish, or Oriental) so that has to be reversed for “social JUST-US” (*POCs) *people of color*, soon to include LGBTQ+TRANS etc.

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