What’s the best way to win a gunfight?  Do NOT be there.

Chicago is expecting another rehash of last weekend’s “takeover” of downtown by a bunch of thugs and hoodlums.  Seems they liked all the fun they had last time and they probably liked the media attention their antics drew.  So they’re busy on social media planning another “takeover.”

My prediction is that it will not be as big or boisterous as last weekend because the temperatures will be a lot cooler.

Either way, don’t be there.

As always:  ALWAYS carry your gun.  If you travel to Cook County, carry two, extra ammo and keep your head on a swivel.  Oh yeah, make sure you have some concealed carry legal “insurance”/coverage too.  Because the Soros-funded State’s Attorney will have no sense of humor for anyone who does not submit their health, well-being or property to these mobs of bad guys.

5 thoughts on “MASTER CAUTION: Chicago anticipating another ‘takeover’ weekend downtown. STAY AWAY, FOLKS.”
  1. LET’S GO BRANDON! The new mayor’s welcome to real life in “Murder City” USA. Deal with all the feral “Obama’s sons” doing what feral mobster criminals are allowed to get away with. Good law abiding people of all races and denominations stay away and let the modern-day mobsters tear the city down to prove their actual worth in/to society. Bring out the popcorn and peanuts and sit back and watch the circus on the sNews channels next week. And our illustrious governor, Jelly Belly, wants to eliminate the lawful use of America’s favorite self-defense firearms and magazines with enough capacity to protect against these feral disgusting criminals. I wish the mobsters would take their circus to the governor’s neighborHOOD, maybe he would understand “common sense” protective devices with enough ammunition to be more than a lightweight “club”.

  2. Word is that Eric ‘Idi Amin’ Carter is resigning and taking his chest full of phony medals with him. The new communist makes Groot look like Ronald Reagan by comparison, it would seem.

  3. What a great example of a Marxist liberal run utopia !!! Can’t blame the cops for driving past or only making a few arrests, Who wants to lose their job, pension, and possibly go to prison for being mean to one of these “opportunity starved youths ” ? Cops have figured out they go under the bus first. They put a lame fence around Millennium park but what about protecting people on the street and property from attack ? Tourists will hopefully pick some place safer. Once the criminal filth figures out the consequences are non existent they will get bolder and this will be an every weekend thing.

  4. Anyone know if the shitbirds rioted again thks weekend? You know, before they went back to work Monday. LOL.

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