Two YouTube videos worth your time today going into the weekend.  

First, Todd Vandermyde in his Freedom’s Steel page on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.  A key takeaway for me (but maybe you’ll key in on something else…) “I’m in a good frame of mind about where we’re and you should be too.”


Next up, one of our inner circle pointed me to Four Boxes Diner.  I’d heard of the channel before but the host there Mark Smith got his hands on a transcript from the April 12th federal court hearing.  And he analyzed it.  There’s stuff here I hadn’t heard before and Smith hit some very important points.  It’s worth your 14 minutes.  Wow.

Yeah.  Good stuff.

6 thoughts on “Litigation Updates, Analysis… Both the Naperville case not getting prelim injunction, and the ‘big four’ case in front of Judge McGlynn”
  1. Thank God we have the correct judge to uphold our Constitutional Rights because he understands firearms and reasonable self defense! The fact that Judge McGlynn has applied for a concealed carry license and has been waiting over 6 months to receive it might have a bearing on his frame of mind concerning the ineptness of ISP licensing division. Imagine if you are very concerned about your own personal safety and had to wait over even 1 month to “legally” protect yourself outside of your home, as this judge has been experiencing! And then having to put up with imbeciles trying to outlaw the very firearms best suited for your self defense. If Kwame da Fool had an inkling of “common sense” he might realize the obstacles he is up against! Kwame da Fool, living down to the nickname he deserves! HAHA!

  2. Yes, Four Boxes Diner is excellent. Todd should be made a saint. Also, Armed Scholar is good too.

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