More and more video clips are getting posted to social media, twitter, etc. from the violent mobs running roughshod over downtown Chicago.

Included among them is this one.  Note how the mob sees a single white female and proceeds to savagely beat her.  This takes place at 129 N. Wabash in downtown Chicago.  Right in the heart of downtown.


Always carry your gun, folks.

In Chicago, always carry two guns and plenty of spare ammo.  Nobody ever said they carried too much ammo unless they were swimming or on fire.

And if you don’t have self-defense legal coverage / insurance, you’re not playing it prudent.

What if that were your wife or daughter?  And you pulled your gun to protect her from a brutal mob out of control?  How do you think Kim Foxx would react?

You better believe if you dare to defend yourself or your property against violent criminals and gang members like these feral mobs, it will be YOU that a Soros-funded State’s Attorney like Kim Foxx will go after. You’re not supposed to resist those who want to take your property, your dignity and your life. “Just give them what they want,” these radicals like Kim Foxx and Brandon Johnson say – as they have guns to protect their homes and armed guards to protect them at work.

Here’s the incoming mayor’s statement now that this story of what happened Saturday is making the rounds in alternative media.

HOWEVER, it is not constructive to demonize the violent criminals who did this because they’ve been “starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

Hey Brandon, they had opportunities.  They refused to avail themselves to the opportunities provided to them.

12 thoughts on “WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT: Mob savagely beats lone white female in downtown Chicago”
  1. He spent his time saying as much of nothing as did the CEO of Anheuser-Busch.
    Politician speak= talk like you care when you really don’t.

  2. I wouldn’t travel in Chicago at night in anything less than a Bradley AFV with extra ammo for the 25mm chain gun. F Chicago.

  3. C’mon, fat boy: post this! Give all the ignorant race faders a chance to call me a racist again! Here’s my comment gee do you notice one consistency in the people attacking this poor white girl? The one thing that sets them apart from all others? The one thing that sets them apart from her? God has identified us That’s so we can tell good from bad.

  4. My niece has moved to Shitcago. My brother says it’s a “good” neighborhood. I told him there aren’t any good neighborhoods there as the perps are mobile. You couldn’t pay me to visit the city. I fear for the girl’s safety but she made her choice. I will stay downstate and fully armed as long as our communist state government allows me to.

  5. Wow. Just wow. Don’t piss off the mob or you’re screwed. Imagine that happening when the Democrats come to town next August for the convention!

  6. They travel in packs for a reason. Born in Shitago. I never go there anymore. And that baseball bat in the truck. It ain’t for batting practice. Well, not for baseballs anyway. Stay frosty. And pass the Freedom seeds!

  7. Waiting for the giant SHITSHOW that Chicago will become during the Democrat Convention.
    Either the woke mobs will kill people and burn the place to the ground like the Chicago fire, or
    they will try to call out the military to help them.
    What a disaster that will become!

  8. It turns out she was visiting Chicago with her black boyfriend. He was outnumbered too. The pair were saved by a black woman. There are several online interviews with the three.

  9. If at all possible stay out of Shitcago PERIOD. There is no cultural experience, beach, restaurant, store, etc. worth having to kill some scum bag in front of your family only to be arrested and prosecuted. Even if armed and aware you could be ambushed or hit by random unknown gunfire. There is also the chance to come back safe and find your vehicle gone, robbed or vandalized. Stay out of Shitcago.

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