Things went poorly for four aspiring armed robbers in Houston.  Four “youths” piled out of a car and attempted an armed robbery at a Valero Gas Station.  At some point a customer drew his own gun and fired upon the bandits.  The good guy’s shots put such a spring in the step of the robbers that one ran out of his shoe.

While the gunsmoke dissipated, three of the robbers had sprung leaks.  Two wounded ones and one who narrowly missed a fresh piercing piled back into their car and “self-transported” to the hospital.  A third, immobilized by his wounds, was transported by ambulance after police arrived.  And the good guy with a gun went home physically uninjured.

ABC13 has the story.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A shopper at a southeast Houston convenience store opened fire when four masked robbers stormed inside, sending three suspects to the hospital.

Houston police said at least one of the robbery suspects was armed.

HPD officers were called to a Circle K convenience store at a Valero gas station located at 8040 South Loop East at 7:55 p.m. Thursday.

According to Asst. Chief Ernest Garcia, four suspects in masks entered the store and started robbing customers at gunpoint.

That’s when an armed customer pulled out their weapon and shot at the suspects, Garcia said. Three of the robbery suspects were shot.

One bystander was also hurt, though it was unclear if he was shot by one of the suspects or the customer, HPD said.

Pro-tip: Gas stations remain one of the three most likely places an average person will be victimized by bad guys.  Why?  Because there’s limited visibility, task fixation on interfacing with the gas pumps, and bad guys can loiter inconspicuously.  Add in peoples’ inattentiveness and for bad guys, these convenience store/gas stations make for great hunting for bad guys to rob patrons.

Unless of course, the customer has good situational awareness, along with a gun and the skill sets to use it effectively.

3 thoughts on “STAY ALERT WHILE FUELING: Four ‘youths’ attempt armed robbery in Houston Valero station, three get shot”
  1. Great story to start my morning with. Almost a happy ending. It is too bad the wounds weren’t fatal for the bad guys.
    And yes. I have twice been approached by bad guys at gas station while gassing up.

  2. One hand near the gas nozzle. And other near the freedom seed dispenser. And head on a swivel.

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