Gun control disarms victims, not criminals.  Joe knows that.  On second thought, maybe he can’t process that simply idea any longer.  Townhall has a great piece on Biden’s symbolism over substance Executive Order changes little, if anything.  In short, it’s a case of “study this and report on that while making sure you don’t violate the law.”

Legal Insurrection describes it as such:

The executive order literally does nothing. Buried in The New York Post (emphasis mine):

Biden’s executive order does not make policy changes but calls on executive agencies to ensure compliance with existing laws, moving the US as close to universal background checks as possible under existing laws without requiring Congress to pass additional legislation.

And Townhall has this:

Biden Fails to Explain How His ‘Plan to Reduce Gun Violence’ Will Stop Criminals

After the White House announced a new executive order focused on the president’s “plan to reduce gun violence” on Tuesday, Biden addressed his latest fiat from Monterey Park, California. As usual, Biden’s remarks had, at best, a tenuous connection to truth and reality.

Ya think?  

Pledging that his latest executive order dealing with firearms will “accelerate and intensify” his administration’s supposed crackdown on illegal firearms, Biden said his order would keep firearms out of the hands of criminals by taking “every lawful action possible to move us as close as we can to universal background checks.”


Calling it “just common sense,” Biden did not explain how his executive order would keep firearms out of the hands of criminals who, unsurprisingly, don’t follow gun laws. Also notably absent from his executive order and remarks on Tuesday was any action to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and stop those capitalizing on the open border to traffic guns, among other contraband. 

In other words, it’s largely just symbolism over substance to distract the mainstream media lemmings from the meltdown of our banking system and the ongoing disaster that is East Palestine, Ohio.

In the meantime, here’s some of Biden’s greatest moments of late.


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  1. This is nothing but a ‘Squirrel!’ moment to distract from Potato’s daily failures on every front; the latest being the banking crisis. The EO does absolutely nothing.

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