People had to run a gauntlet of Antifa thugs to attend a free speech event at UC Davis in California Tuesday night.  Police held most of the fascist mob away.  That didn’t stop the masked black-bloc Antifa boys and girls from using violence against those in attendance. 

The authorities had to provide exceptional security to allow Charlie Kirk to speak at the event.

From the Post Millennial:

Riot police took down Antifa surrounding a UC Davis Charlie Kirk event sponsored by TPUSA on Tuesday evening. Antifa members were spotted smashing windows and doors on campus and vandalizing the campus. The militants also blocked students and members of the public from entering the university to attend the event.



3 thoughts on “Antifa brings fascist violence to UC Davis to forcibly suppress free speech of others”
  1. Some somebodies in that top picture are fixin’ to get a real ass whoopin’. Antifa seems like it’s been a little less active with shit-for-brains in the White House.

  2. Why is the left so intent on suppressing free speech of those they disagree with? Is it because their cause is not righteous or just?

    1. Leftists are control freaks. They must control every process and every thought. You must follow their dogma to the letter, or be shunned, ridiculed, and attacked. No dissention is allowed or tolerated. Leftism is groupthink in the extreme, where no deviation from the program will ever be condoned.

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