I was born and raised in Springfield, IL. I hunted, fished & trapped all over Illinois. I held an FOID card for many years and served in the US Army for over 20 years.

I retired from the Army out of Iraq in 2004. Whether I was living in Colorado or Arizona I enjoyed either concealed carry or constitutional carry. Until I returned to Illinois to visit. I had to surrender my rights before crossing the border and live as a largely defenseless victim for the duration of my visit. I recall numerous times unloading my guns, putting them in gun cases and placing it all out of reach from the driver’s seat.

Especially when I had Colorado tags, the worried I’d be profiled as running marijuana.

Bottom line sir, our country is in a sorry state of affairs. I identify as AMERICAN and my pronouns are gun owner/oath keeper/voter.

Thank you for your fine organization and keeping up the good fight.

SFC William Mangalavite
US Army retired
No longer in Illinois…

One thought on “LETTER TO EDITOR: Kudos to GSL”
  1. SFC Mangalavite,
    Thank you, sir, for your service to our country, fighting for the very freedoms denied us living in the soviet socialist state of ILL-Annoy, under the fascist state of Jelly Belly Prickster. Here is hoping you don’t have to spend very much time here where the criminals have more Rights than law-abiding citizens.
    May God Bless you and keep you safe when you visit here.

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