Chicago’s earned the most homicides of any city in America for 11 years in a row.  737 last year, in fact.  So what do our Chicago Democrats do with their time?  Do they work to solve gang violence, crappy schools, or single parent households that lead to crime and poverty? 

Of course not.  Instead, people like Chicago Rep. Jawaharial Williams target lap dogs in cars.

(The Center Square) – Legislation advancing at the Illinois statehouse would get motorists in hot water for letting their pet ride on the driver’s lap.  

House Bill 2910 provides that a person who holds an animal in the person’s lap while operating a motor vehicle is guilty of a petty offense. The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Jawaharial Williams, D-Chicago, said pets aren’t covered under distracted driving laws.

“The new law would allow police officers to pull you over if they see that you are driving with an animal in your lap, whatever the animal may be,” Williams said.

Is it any wonder why Chicago is Murder City USA?  Chicago Dems aren’t serious about getting gang violence and violent crime under control in Chicago.  They’re too busy telling you not to take your lap dog on a drive.

8 thoughts on “Chicago wins murder race 11 years running, so Chicago Dems target… lap dogs?”
  1. I can imagine that lap dogs might be a problem. But in what world would this problem be more pressing than, “The Murder City USA” trophy? Unless, this trophy is the desired prize.

  2. Lap dogs might help to prevent car-jackings, therefore it will now be illegal to have your viscous poodle in your car unless crated. We can’t have guard poodles preventing crime in the crime capital USA, can we? (extreme sarcasm!)

  3. I’m with Gipper: That’s not a name that most educated parents would give their kid. It beats “Che” though.
    And is it just me, or is he stoned as hell in that photo? That would explain a lot.

  4. Shitcago is the murder capital of America because that is exactly what voters there want. They vote it in over and over. You cannot fix stupidity. I personally could care less, except Shitcago politicians drag us down the sewer with them, and we get things like the current law we are trying to kill because of their stupidity.

    I am all for Illinois breaking away from Shitcago for good. We do not want any more of this from them.

    1. I agree that we should separate from the colar counties. However it won’t happen because it would create a RED state. Tipping the scales in the wrong direction will not be tolerated by the Dems. Even though this is what the end goal is for them in adding DC and Porto Rico as states.

  5. If police see a driver doing anything stupid, they can stop them. Blowing big bubble gum bubbles is probably not covered either, but could justify a stop. This shows how out of touch IGA is.

  6. Because we don’t have enough insanely evil and repetitive laws on the books.

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