Elections have consequences.  And Kwame Raoul looks down on the rights of the little people to own guns to defend their homes.  Of course, Kwame’s got armed bodyguards and has his guns at home to protect his children (including his son named ‘Che‘). 

But you want guns to protect your family? 

That’s pretty funny to him.

So when Gov. Pritzker’s vaunted crown-jewel of gun control legislative achievement of 2023 was struck down by a Macon County judge last Friday, does it surprise anyone that Kwame’s refusing to tell people that the emperor has no clothes?

Some legislators are speaking up asking for State Government to state the obvious:

Bet you didn’t see that on your local TV news…

From WAND:

Republican lawmakers demand answers for gun owners in legal limbo

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — A Macon County Circuit Judge ruled Friday that the state’s assault weapons ban ins unconstitutional, leaving legal gun owners in limbo. Now local representatives want answers while the legal process plays out.

“This is a direct attack on law abiding citizens,” Representative John Cabello said during a press conference Wednesday.

Republican lawmakers want answers for gun owners in their district.

“Is the state actively enforcing this law? If they are actively enforcing this law— why are they enforcing a law that courts have deemed unconstitutional?” Rep. Patrick Windhorst asked.

Friday, a Macon County Circuit Court ruled, saying the state’s firearm ban is unconstitutional.

“The judge in his writing said this is a facially unconstitutional law— which applies to everyone,” Rep. Dan Caulkins said.

But some argue the case applies only to the plaintiffs involved.

“Governor Pritzker and Attorney General Raoul have pressed forward with their messaging that these rulings only apply to a limited number of people— even though the law has been deemed unconstitutional,” Rep. Windhorst explained.

Let’s face it.  With the Republicans in super-minority status, they have no power to demand anything in this state.

However, the fact of the matter is that the new law has been ruled unconstitutional.  Period.  (Analysis).  No matter what some people claim without much of a legal leg to stand upon.

Yes, Tom DeVore sent this trash out hours after the order was entered.  In an email sent to some of what we believe are his gun dealer clients and potentially others, he wrote this:

“Today an order was entred in Macon County in regard to HB5471.  This order has no statewide impact and means nothing legally for you.  To the extent you sell “assault weapons” to anyone not exempt by the statute or court order in our TRO’s, you are subjecting yourself to potential criminal charges.  If you choose to sell to anyone not allowed by law, you do so without my advice and will have no legal representation by me.”

No statewide impact?  Really Tom?

We haven’t seen any more dubious claims like this from DeVore.  Thankfully.


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  1. I guess this african doesn’t realize that che guevara didn’t like blacks. He hated blacks.

  2. I am disappointed in Tom. I sent an email to Ryan his partner asking Tom to drop or at lease scale back his criticism of Mr. Caulkins.

  3. Che? Damn this guy really is an avowed commie. Surprised he didn’t name his second son Fidel. Or did he?

    DeVore is big mad his money printing machine ran out of electricity.

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