Kim Foxx’s latest court filing in the Viramontes case asserts that the use of an AR-15 rifle, or any other firearm arbitrarily labelled as one of those evil black guns, in self-defense is not legal because they are too powerful.  Following her logic, police carrying police patrol-type rifles are at risk of prosecution for using those firearms for personal defense of innocent life.  

Turn to page 14 of the filing (use the filing page numbers, not the .pdf page numbers)…

“e. Assault Weapons Deploy More Force Than is Necessary and Therefore
Their Use Falls Outside of the Legal Parameters of Self-Defense Under
Illinois Law.”

I’ll have more on this later…  but for now, Kim Foxx clearly didn’t finish anywhere near the top of her law class…  even if she went to school at some third-rate, second-tier Cracker Jack diploma mill law school.

 Todd Vandermyde does a nice job on this too.


6 thoughts on “KIM FOXX: You (& the police) will be prosecuted if you use an AR-15 defensively…”
  1. I guess if I lived in cook county I would be legal if I shot an intruder with my old fashioned revolver. River RedHawk in 454Casull, 255 grain hard cast lead at 1700fps.

  2. Foxx is not only stupid, she is communist Sorosite trash. Not really surprised since the law really means nothing to liberals, who make shit up as they go. It’s easy to understand why thousands flee Illinois every year.

    There is no point in picking apart their fantasy interpretations of Heller, McDonald and Bruen. Their tired rhetoric has been struck down over and over, and it isn’t worth getting upset over. They are just saying whatever comes to mind, having a great laugh at our expense. Enjoy. You will all lose in the end.

    1. I forgot to point out that this was a very impressive list of cases to support their nonsense assertions. Too bad every single one predates Bruen, so the standard by which they were rendered are largely moot if they used a public safety standard.

  3. So any centerfire rifle is too powerful for defense and must be banned? Very clever. I wonder which shotguns will pass muster: .410, or 28 gauge? Will her security detail be giving up their AR-15’s, of course not.

    1. This ‘law’ is so ridiculous that my Mossberg Shockwave 12Ga. is considered to be an assault rifle when loaded with 1 3/4″ shells because it holds more than 5. I am sure they also hate the birds-head grip, the side-saddle with even more evil ammo at the ready, and the laser/light combo mounted on top. Worst of all, the whole thing is BLACK. We know that any gun finished in black is at least 10x deadlier than one with a wood stock or stainless finish.

  4. Hard to believe the sheeple in Chicago keep electing these clowns. Maybe dumping Mayor Beetlejuice is a sign that they are starting to wake up.

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