I know there’s a couple of lines of thought on the Macon County “Final Judgement” issued by Judge Rodney Forbes. There is the decision as written which rules that the Illinois Firearms Ban Act unconstitutional on its face.

On the other hand, some people have expressed concern that the Macon County judge’s decision doesn’t have to be (or isn’t) respected statewide.  Or that it doesn’t cover certain aspects of the law.  Or only covers those named plaintiffs.  Or any one of a half-dozen other crazy assertions.

Of course, the radicals in Illinois’ leadership have zero interest in telling people that the emperor has no clothes.  The more confusion out there, the less guns get sold.  Each unsold gun counts as a win for them.

Then there’s an attorney named Bazooka Tom who has collected something approaching a million dollars in fees.  He’s casting some arguments as fact when they are little more than assertions at this point in time.  Candidly, I’ve always liked Tom DeVore, but some of his statements of late make me think he’s more concerned about being the single-handed hero for taking down this “gut, replace, and pass on a moment’s notice” legislative system currently at play in Illinois (along with his supply of potential plaintiffs (and plaintiff fees) being shut down) than advancing and protecting the rights of gun owners (and prospective gun owners) in our state.

Given the high cost of making a mistake to dealers (and potentially liability to their customers as well), many dealers are taking the conservative approach.  We get that.  We do not fault them for playing safe… for now.

With that in mind, it has come to our attention that stores in the FARM KING chain are now selling America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, and the magazines that feed them.  And they aren’t marking up prices, either.  Ditto for previously banned other semi-auto rifles, shotguns and handguns.  And the magazines and gun parts and all that stuff.

If you know of any other chains or local gun shops who are selling to all law-abiding Illinois gun owners, regardless of whether or not they are a part of any lawsuits, please list them in comments. 

6 thoughts on “Farm King NOW selling *ALL* firearms, magazines”
  1. Hope they don’t get bent over by the State for doing this. I got denied again by DSArms this morning for a sale on magazines even with the new ruling from Friday. They are adamant – no sales in Illinois, period. For those not familiar, they sell the license copy FN-FAL (known as the SA58). They are based here in Illinois and they absolutely refuse all sales under the current court findings.

    I provided them the PDF of the Macon County judgement from Friday. It didn’t matter. They will not take the chance until something says ‘Statewide Ruling’ from a court.

    As stated in other threads, Gun Mag Warehouse will sell to you here in Illinois IF you provide them a copy of the TRO. Otherwise, no sale. That is the only reseller I know of right now that will sell anything listed in the Illinois Defile Gun Owners Act.

  2. Thanks Andy! They have almost all of the remaining mags I am looking for in stock, so will be contacting PSA today.

  3. Just got off the phone with Palmetto State Armory. They are not honoring TROs from Illinois either. Flatly refused sale to me.

    1. Sorry, I called PSA today and was also told they wouldn’t sale because of so called store policy. I spoke to the customer service team at PSA a few weeks ago and was told to send my TSO to them at the following address: compliance@palmettostatearmory.com and that they would sale to me. I just reached out to their compliance department for clarification.

  4. Message I received from PSA Compliance Department about placing orders.

    As of today with IL orders, if the items being ordered are noncompliant then we can only ship then if you are an active LEO. However, if you do have a TRO, and are listed in the court documents, you can have your order made through our Dealer Sales department so they can order the items that the website is blocking from the general public. Please submit your order information and TRO documents showing you and your dealers name listed as plaintiffs to dealer.sales@palmettostatearmory.com

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