The people running Illinois want to make it clear to hotels that they can’t discriminate over race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, age, or country of ancestral origin.  But if you’re a card-carrying good guy who has a gun on your hip or in your purse, innkeepers may eject you from their premises and keep your money.

Lakesia Collins, another of our low-information legislators, introduced House Bill 2220 to codify the ability for hotels to discriminate against lawful gun owners.

And you think for a minute if these people had the opportunity that they wouldn’t turn gun owners into – at best – second class citizens – and at worst, imprison us or have us killed for resisting their tyrannical anti-gun legislation?

Maybe Lakesia dreams of Vegas.  In Vegas, they just have to suspect you’ve got a gun and they’ll raid your room.  And when they don’t find a gun, they’ll still ask you to leave because you didn’t bend over and take it like a man when it comes to their middle-of-the-night raid by hotel security.


And that’s the latest why Vegas is no longer on my bucket list.

It’s right there in House Bill 2220:

    Sec. 11. Right to eject.
    (a) A proprietor or manager of a hotel may remove or cause
to be removed from a hotel a guest or other person who:
…        (4) brings property into the hotel that may be
dangerous to other persons, including firearms or

6 thoughts on “PROTECTING DISCRIMINATION: IL bill would allow hotels to eject card-carrying good guys and keep their money”
  1. Pretty sure this would also be found unconstitutional. They can of course put their little no firearms sign up, and we can refuse them our patronage, and let them know why. Eventually, I think the whole banned premise thing will be challenged in court, as more and more overreach occurs.

  2. If they treat the criminals in this manner they will have federal civil rights attorneys all over them like stink on poop.

  3. This is why I carry two doorstops in my luggage. They make forcing the door or opening with a master key rather labor intensive and noisy. Plenty of time for me to set up a welcoming party for them.

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