Remember a wise and telling quote from Benjamin Franklin, one of our Founding Fathers: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

That applies to a lot of things, but not the least of which is gun control. 

Advocate for gun control schemes very often claim that we should all submit.  After all, it’s always for our own good.  

Or so they tell us.

Now Biden’s Department of Defense wants to “restrict gun access” to our servicemembers.  Both on – and off – bases.  From the Daily Caller:

The Pentagon’s independent suicide prevention review body has a plan to reduce suicides in the military that involves restricting gun access on military bases, according to a report released Friday.

A majority of suicides in the military involve firearm use, while problems with alcohol abuse and finances were also leading indicators, the Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee (SPRIRC) report found. The report offered recommendations to reduce the accessibility of guns on military bases while preserving servicemembers’ rights to carry, including repealing a provision in Congress’ 2013 defense bill that blocked commanders from inquiring about off-base firearms.

The policies are intended to “slow down access to firearms so that people can in excess survive periods of high risk,” Dr. Craig Bryan, a member of the working group, told reporters.

Instead of researching the causes of suicide and working on treating those, Biden’s brain trust wants to take away guns from our servicemen and women.

After all, people never commit suicide with other methods, including ropes, pills, falls, knives, gas or car crashes.

Why would anyone want to commit suicide in today’s armed forces?  It couldn’t be our so-called national “leadership” and the Afghanistan pull-out.  It couldn’t be the new “woke” culture permeating senior leadership, could it?

And the fact that our Defense Department leaders don’t trust our military members to have guns at home when they are issued grenades, claymores and fully fun-switched firearms (and occasionally crew-served firearms) seems more than a little silly.

What’s next?  An anti-suicide trigger guard like they tried in Turkey?  (See image at the top via Reddit).

2 thoughts on “Pentagon wants to disarm troops on and off bases – for their own good”
  1. Guess all that emphasis the Genital Assembly put on military being more responsible than the average citizen is just so much BS as far as the Feds are concerned. What the left really wants is everyone disarmed, period. Even soldiers are not to be trusted with anything more deadly than a floppy rubber sex toy (the main battle rifle of the new woke military).

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