Ding dong the witch is dead.  The feckless Lori Lightfoot lost her re-election bid Tuesday after voters resoundingly said “enough” to her “woke thug” politics.   Good riddance.

Lightfoot, who single-handedly beclowned herself and made the city the butt of jokes nationwide month after month.  For example:

And then there were the headlines like these:

Meanwhile the law-and-order candidate Paul Vallas won the election by a large margin (go figure).  He failed to gain 50%+1, so there will be a runoff election April 4th.  Second place finisher (and the hard-left Democrat Socialist) Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson will run against Vallas. 

Johnson has campaigned on “Defund the Police.”  He plans to take the money from police and give it to “the people.”  In other words, he’s planning on taking Lori Lightfoot’s governing style and putting it on a heavy dose of steroids.  Because if there’s one thing Chicago needs is fewer cops.  Maybe if you’re a gang member.

It isn’t speculation about what happens when you “defund the police” to the tune of a hundred-plus million dollars plus and reducing the number of cops on the streets by 19% over the last four years.  You get Chicago’s dysfunctional, crime-ridden society.  

We will have to see if Vallas can appeal to the normals in Chicago to win the run-off election.  No doubt all of the kooks and hard leftists (BIRM) will flock to vote against a law-and-order candidate.  Their votes were diluted by all of the fringe candidates and now they can coalesce around Johnson. 

Will the “normals” come out to vote again in April to help save the city?  Time will tell.

While Vallas, if elected, won’t be able to fix the endemic problems overnight, hopefully within a year or two he can get a handle on the lunacy that’s Chicago.

If Johnson wins, look for the exodus of people and business from Chicago to accelerate dramatically.

4 thoughts on “CANNED: Lori Lightfoot ousted as Chicago mayor”
  1. I expected Lori Lightfoot to at least Place second in this election. The fact that she wasn’t even close to 2nd just warms my heart. When the low information voters figure out this woman , you know what must be bad . So much so I think I’m going to have a bottle of champagne tonight. I’ll toast to her fast track to hell.

  2. If they are smart, they will choose Vallas over the communist. Expect Groot to come out and try to play the race card against Vallas.

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