The Illinois Sheriffs Association has quietly filed an amicus brief in federal court in support of the lawsuits seeking to strike down the new Illinois Firearms Ban Act.  Clearly this is good news for our side in this matter.

Here it is…  It’s only ten pages long.  In other words, it’s an easy read.

And here’s Todd Vandermyde’s take on it.


3 thoughts on “MORE BAD NEWS FOR KWAME: IL Sheriff’s Assn. backs injunction blocking the Illinois Firearms Ban Act”
  1. Support and appreciate our elected Sheriffs, they must abide by the US and ILL-Annoy Constitutions, with this amicus brief this semi-auto gun ban cannot survive! US Supreme Court: STRIKE DOWN THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW!!

  2. Very reasoned and well thought out, and supported by law, tradition and the Constitution. Well worth the read. Thank you for posting this!

  3. The Illinois Sheriffs Association membership is open to those choosing to join, even citizens. I and mine spouse have been long time members and supporters. For $25 contribution individual and $35 family, you can become citizen member; supports a very good organization.
    Just a private citizen making a shameless plug for a worthy organization.

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