Chicago residents have grown weary of the pervasive crime that keeps getting worse with each passing month.  In a deep, dark blue city where the communists known as the Democrat Socialists are gaining a serious number of seats on the Chicago City Council, residents are about to cast Lori Lightfoot’s social justice and woke politics into the dustbin of history. 

A black, female lesbian?  In a woke city like Chicago, Lori Lightfoot should be a shoe-in.  If it weren’t for Larry Lightfoot being a total a-hole, and overseeing a collapse of the criminal justice system in her city, stupid people might give her a another chance.  As it is, even the not-so-bright, low-information types are sick of Lightfoot’s fecal matter.

So what does the queen of mean have to say about polls showing her sorry buttocks may not even make a run-off election?

Oh, it’s not her arrogance, narcissism and dancing as the city burns.

Nah, it’s racism.

From FoxNews:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was put on blast by critics for blaming her dwindling re-election prospects on race and gender instead of the city’s crime crisis.

“I’m a Black woman and, let’s not forget, some folks frankly don’t support us in leadership roles,” Lightfoot told The New Yorker recently.

“Chicago has a rampant crime problem, and not only is it in Chicago, but its has reached the collar counties… crime, crime crime is going to be the issue in this election and, personally, what I’m hearing from my constituents, from listeners, is that it will come down to [Paul] Vallas [or] Brandon Johnson.”

In the latest polls, Lightfoot trails Vallas by 19 points and Johnson by two. Jesus Chuy Garcia is also locked in a tight race with Lightfoot.

Chicago residents should never fear though.  Lori Lightfood is now on LinkedIn.


6 thoughts on “RACE CARD: Election Day in Chicago… Lightfoot blames ‘racism’ for poor polling… ‘some folks don’t support black women in leadership roles’”
  1. Lori Lightweight, the poster child for everything wrong with democratic run cities. More commonly known as Beetlejuice. Maybe if we say her name three times she’ll disappear. Nevermind, she’s doing that herself.

  2. Don’t kiss (uggg, nasty thought) the Groot goodbye just yet, the ballots will be counted many times over and when the “dead criminal” votes/ballots show up at 3:00am lightweight will have won two more terms! SARC! There is always hope for a democRAT in Chitcago!

  3. I will believe she(?) is gone when I see it. This is Chicago, in Illinois, in Democrap run America. Our elections are one gigantic exercise in fraud. Iran has more believable elections than we do.

  4. Yayyy! As of 8:44 pm, she’s officially out of the race. Good riddance Mayor Beetlejuice! We’re going to miss all the terrific memes. Now go f*ck off!

  5. GROOT is OUT. Vallas gets 35% of the vote. Comrade Johnson has about 20% it looks like.

  6. Also looking forward to video of the moving truck parked outside David Brown’s residence.

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