God bless Senator Steve McClure.  He’s seeking to pass a bill to establish enhanced penalties for drunk (or stoned) drivers who kill or seriously injure others. Now, I like Sen. McClure but he’s just going through the motions on this.  The Center Square has the story of McClure’s bill to nowhere:

(The Center Square) – Illinois state Sen. Steve McClure, R-Springfield, has resumed his mission to require enhanced penalties for impaired drivers who kill someone and injure others.

“Right now, the law allows a person to get a stiffer penalty if they kill a second person, but not one if they kill one and injure another,” McClure told The Center Square. “This law would right that law. As it is, the law does not give that second victim, or the injured individual, justice and this law is to right that wrong.”

It’s a battle McClure has been fighting for some time now, having filed Senate Bill 1405 to that end several times over the past few years. The so-called “Lindsey’s Law” legislation would pave the way for law enforcement to charge intoxicated drivers with a Class 2 felony if they kill someone and cause great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement of others.

But this bill is a waste of dead trees and I’ll tell you why:  if people had any idea how much legislation happened in Springfield among legislators sipping on their gin and juice (or pick your favorite beverage), most folks would be shocked.

Yep, in a town were more than a few legislative leaders are known for their drunk driving, does McClure think those boozers are going to vote for a bill that might land them in prison instead of a hug from grandma and maybe a gently slap on the wrist.

Take the gun-hating State Rep. Kambium Buckner (D-Gun Hater), otherwise known as the Assistant Majority Leader in the House.

Check out the “I had one” drink Buckner.

Here’s the whole bodycam video that Buckner, a pretend candidate for Chicago mayor, doesn’t want you to see.


Practically the first words out of his mouth (okay, maybe the fifth sentence about fifteen seconds into it): “I’m a State Rep.”  In his fancy Range Rover SUV.  Clearly, Kambium Buckner is a man of the people.  The little people.  In his $80,000 Range Rover.  Passed out drunk at a stoplight.  Trying to pull the “I’m a State Rep, cut me some slack” line.

He told the cop he had “one” drink and points to it in his console.

Because a former football player gets passed-out drunk on a single drink.  Uh huh.  Sure thing Kam.

Kam’s a serious drinker.  I mean, serious enough to catch not one, but two “passed out drunk at the wheel” DUIs.  (By the way, how many more times did cops cut him a break?  And how many times did he make it home or sleep it off on the side of the road?)

Oh, that’s right!  It’s not his first rodeo at passing out drunk behind the wheel.

In 2010, Buckner was arrested in Urbana, IL under very similar circumstances.  And convicted/pled guilty in that case as well.

One drink?  LOL.  Right.

Then he claims the drink was someone else’s.

Then he claimed he was “tired.”

Honesty?  Integrity?  Responsibility?  He’s looking for those.  Hey Kam, you left those right underneath your copy of the Constitution!

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  1. And it will go nowhere, since the Genital Assembly is in the thrall of the Chicago communists.

  2. Why does the audio get cut when he informs them that he has a gun in the vehicle (15:23) and repeatedly after that when the cop hashes out where is it located and can he call someone to come and get it?

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