Meet Nabeela Syed.  She’s a “community activist” that got elected to the Illinois General Assembly.  What made her pop up on our radar was her HB-3967.  It eliminates the due process provision for Illinois gun owners to lose their guns under the Land of Lincoln’s “Red Flag” law. 

As an added bonus, under this woman’s proposal, the Red Flag duration could extend forever, but no matter what it would not expire for at least two years.  

Oh, it gets better…  as a respondent, you won’t receive any notice of the hearing, either.

It’s been referred to the Rules Committee, which is custom for bills the House leadership has no use for.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be resurrected at any time during this legislative term.

Washington Gun Law has a great video…

It’s a shame she couldn’t be sent to the House Rules Committee.  Because the stupid runs extra strong with this particular would-be tyrant.

Do you think for a second that she and people like her wouldn’t imprison gun owners or even execute us if we didn’t submit to her stripping away our gun rights?  She’s already done it in this bill.  After all, just try declining to surrender your guns when the police serve you with a Red Flag order…  even an “emergency order” where you couldn’t defend yourself before the order is given.



5 thoughts on “WHO NEEDS DUE PROCESS? Meet Nabeela Syed… and her bill to eliminate all due process for gun owners”
  1. Since the federal courts have recently ruled that taking someone’s guns that are under an OOP is now unconstitutional, I would say that the chances of this (and Illinois’ current Red Flag law) surviving a Federal court challenge are nil. Won’t stop them from trying to push it if they think they can use it to virtue signal to their ignorant supporters, however.

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