David Hogg.  He thinks you and I “have no right to a gun.”  Is David Hogg’s statement/tweet just a feeble attempt at gaslighting Americans or does it demonstrate the quality of education Harvard undergrads can expect?


Has Hogg never heard of Heller, McDonald and now Bruen?  Of course he has.

In this day and age, anyone who really thinks the Second Amendment is not an individual right is either really stupid, or is maliciously trying to gaslight people. 

We grabbed the above feature image from this video that purports to explain how Hogg runs circles around his critics.  Then again, maybe he really believes that…

5 thoughts on “WHY IS HIGHER EDUCATION SUCH A CESSPOOL OF IGNORANCE? David Hogg thinks ‘You have no right to a gun’”
  1. I am not really a gun nut or a Rump Supporter. I am a normal conservative, but David Hogg and the libtards have lost their , lol! The answer is to actually prosecute criminals (most of these murderous jobs have had prior gun and assault charges), actually update databases to ban said jobs from getting guns, and improve access to mental health.
    Jim Sodo Gardner

  2. David hog is an idiot in a village of idiots. He clearly doesn’t have a clue about the rule of law, the constitution, or anything else. Doesn’t the FBI have a program where people can voluntarily relinquish their second amendment rights? That’d be perfect for David hogg.

  3. Anything this ignoramus says should be quashed. This was the kid who lied about being present during the Parkland shooting.

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