You wonder why the Mexican drug cartels pretty much run Chicago and use it as a hub for illegal drug distribution?  Because it’s so easy to cross America’s southern border.  Of course criminals bring their criminal tendencies with them.  And that leaves ordinary Americans at increased risk of violent crime and death.  To say nothing of the fentanyl, meth and other drugs pouring across our border killing tens of thousands of our fellow citizens too.

Check out this video by Peter Santenello:


The Yuma County Sheriff closed with this:

“Every one of these persons coming in and impacting our resources are now going into the interior of the United States.  They’re coming to your neighborhood, they’re coming to your county.  It’s no longer a border crisis.  It’s a nation crisis,” Yuma County Sheriff Wilmot said.

2 thoughts on “‘THEY ARE COMING TO YOUR COUNTY’: Illegal Chinese, Ukrainians, Indians, and more pouring across our southern border”
  1. We have already hit 1m illegals apprehended this year. It isn’t even March 1st yet. Democrats are actively trying to destroy America from within, and are succeeding.

  2. Hate to give you the bad news folks but they’re already here.

    When I was a kid, the illegals made sure they kept a low profile or they would be sent back. Today they get government benefits and Free Medical Care

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