Anyone who isn’t turning a blind eye to the obviously deteriorating quality of life recognizes the dangers of violent crime in Murder City, USA. For those who carry a gun for personal defense when they have to be in sketchy places, they might want to carry two in Chicago. With spare magazines.

Criminals are off to a roaring start this year whopping 61% increase in reported crime in the first three weeks of 2023 compared to the same period last year.

Criminals operate with impunity there, fearing neither arrest or prosecution thanks to an anti-cop mayor who has defunded and demoralized the police.  She has nothing to worry about, though, with a 90-member protective detail looking after her while the city’s residents fend for themselves, trying to get through each day dodging  bullets and criminals.

Then there’s the city’s Soros-funded State’s Attorney who doesn’t prosecute criminals (but she’s only too happy to prosecute cops). That’s actually a good thing because the Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle thinks residents of Chicago’s affluent neighborhoods need to get a taste of gunfire and carjackings so they know how poor people live.

While 2022 proved to be a very bad year for violent crime in Chicago, 2023’s numbers may make 2022 look like the good ol’ days. From the Epoch Times:

The crime rate in Chicago has spiked by 61 percent in the first three weeks of 2023, with almost all crime segments registering an increase, with data coming at a time when the state’s governor insists that crime in the city is decreasing.

In the first 22 days of this year, the Chicago Police Department received 4,844 complaints related to crime, up 61 percent compared to the 3,013 complaints received in 2022, reveals data (pdf) from the department. This is also 97 percent higher than from the same period in 2021 and 81 percent higher than in 2020.

The biggest increase in crime in the past year was in motor vehicle theft, which rose by 165 percent year to date until Jan. 22, 2023, when compared to the year-ago period.

Aggravated battery jumped 31 percent, robbery 26 percent, theft, 24 percent, criminal sexual assault 12 percent, and burglary 11 percent. Murder fell by 9 percent, while shooting incidents declined 1 percent.

Don’t worry, though. While Chicago burns, Lori Lightfoot dances like a fool . . .

How bad is it?  It might be bad enough for a good guy to want to carry three guns.

Video shows a carjacker recklessly driving off after police attempted to stop him on a busy street two days ago. The carjacker hit two cops, tossing them and others to the ground as the lawmen struggled to avoid getting squished.

CWB Chicago has the story and more (poor) dashcam video from the police . . .

Then there’s the woman who’s out on the city’s affordable bail program after slashing a random person last summer and is now accused of stabbing four more people including grandparents eating at a McDonalds with their grandchildren.

From CWB Chicago . . .

Chicago — A woman on bail for allegedly stabbing a stranger at random in Bucktown last year is now accused of stabbing four more people at random this month on the Northwest Side. Prosecutors said two of the alleged victims were eating at McDonald’s with their grandchildren when they were attacked.

Last summer, prosecutors charged Shaynella Williams with slashing a woman who was walking home from the beach on June 18. The victim told police she was in the 1700 block of West North Avenue when Williams parked a red Kia across the street, crossed over, and bumped into her while making a swiping motion.

Prosecutors said Williams returned to her car and drove away without saying anything. A witness called 911 for the victim, who was treated for a slash wound on her arm with 13 stitches.

Police tracked Williams down through the license plate on her car. Williams paid a $2,000 bail deposit to get out of jail to await trial. The case is still pending.

Want more? How about the five Chicago Police vehicles that had their catalytic converters sawed off in the dead of night? Or the schoolgirl who was sexually assaulted outside a downtown Chicago prep school?

Speaking of sexual assault, a tattoo artist was charged with sexually assaulting three females, including a 17-year-old while on bail for two previous arrests for sexually assaulting other female customers.

From CWB Chicago . . .

A tattoo artist was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting or abusing three female customers, including a 17-year-old, while he was on bail for allegedly sexually assaulting two other female customers. Chicago police say investigators believe there are more victims.

Miguel Deleon, 49, provided tattoo services in his home in the 6500 block of South Francisco to customers he met via Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Messenger, prosecutors said.

Meanwhile a Loyola University student pulled a gun on a CTA employee and robbed the man for lunch money. Unlike most armed robbers, this one got caught because his mother recognized him and took him to the police station. A judge gave him probation.

Also in recent days an armed robber wandered into the DePaul University library and committed an armed robbery of a student studying there.

The takeaway: Crime is everywhere, but particularly endemic in America’s cities. If you have to live and/or work in these environments, carry your gun. Carry a backup gun. And maybe a backup to your backup, otherwise known as a pocket gun.

Because when it’s time to pass out the ballistic bubblegum, you’re going to be in big trouble if you don’t have enough to go around.


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