Chicago earned its place as America’s murder capital in 2022 with 737 homicides.  In fact, Lori Lightfoot’s black-on-black criminal paradise has diligently worked to keep that title for eleven years in a row.  And now, Chicago officials have the audacity to claim that Georgia’s laws respecting the Second Amendment somehow make that city “too dangerous’ to host the DNC 2024 national convention.

See, Georgia has Constitutional Carry now.  As in, for non-felons of the world, they don’t need a government permission slip to carry in public.  And, even worse for the pearl-clutching gun haters…  they can OPEN CARRY.  Oh noes!

From the NYTimes:

The battle between Chicago and Atlanta over hosting the 2024 Democratic convention is heating up with a new claim from Illinois that Georgia’s lenient open-carry gun laws — already an issue with several public events in Atlanta — could make security a nightmare. …

But recent events have brought a new argument: Georgia’s lenient gun laws could make it extremely difficult to keep firearms away from the delegates. The Secret Service is likely to declare the convention a “national security special event” and supersede state ordinances with its own rules inside a fortified perimeter.

But in hotels, along bus routes and at meetings and parties far from the core convention sites, guns could find their way in, security consultants are warning, especially if Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, holds to his pro-gun views and refuses to intervene.

“It just creates a tense environment,” said Charles H. Ramsey, who once led police forces in Washington and Philadelphia and now does security consulting. “To me it’s an issue.”


4 thoughts on “America’s Murder Capital for 11 year running claims Constitutional Carry makes Atlanta just too dangerous for DNC ’24 convention”
  1. Odd, considering when I do hear about an incident involving a licensed concealed carry in Chicago, it generally ends up with the scumbag wounded or dead, and the good guy and innocent bystanders safe.
    I don’t suppose the morons that write this dreck ever stop to consider that criminals concealed carry all the time without a license? No, of course not.

  2. Chicago is only trying to get the convention. Don’t think for a moment, that they are worried about anyone outside of their social circle. It is just a money question.

    1. Exactly. Groot has driven so much business out of Chicago that the conventions spots and hotels are on life support. Combine that with the fact that even safe areas are no longer safe in broad daylight, and no one wants anything to do with Chicago anymore.

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