Pastor Corey Brooks stands as a hero within Murder City USA. He runs Project HOOD which helps “empower and educate” individuals and families within the slums of Chicago. His work helps to provide bright spots in otherwise blighted communities in some of the most violent neighborhoods of Chicago. What’s more, he’s a strong believer in the right to keep and bear arms. “If gun control worked,” he says, “Chicago would be the safest place in all of America.”

Amen, brother. Preach it.

Faithwire had a nice story about Pastor Brooks’ works

‘Trust God All the Way’: Pastor Who Followed Wild Calling to Live in a Tent for 345 Days and Raised $28.5 Million Delivers Mighty Message

The preacher, who has been on a mission to raise $35 million to build a transformational community center in the heart of Chicago, refused to give up on what he believes God laid on his heart; he remained on the roof and raised money throughout the experience.

“There are times when you just want to give up and throw in the towel, but when you are convinced that God is giving you a vision to do something, you gotta be convinced that He’ll also give you the provisions,” Brooks told the “Edifi With Billy Hallowell Podcast.” “And so I have learned that God, if He gives you a vision, He will give you the provisions.”

Brooks, who runs Project H.O.O.D., an organization seeking to empower and equip individuals and families, has already raised $28.5 million of his goal. Listen to him tell the powerful story:


The faith leader has affectionately become known as the “rooftop pastor” for his decision to camp out until he got close to his $35 million goal, using the effort to bring attention to the cause. He came down from the roof last October.

“Our goal has been to build a center on the South Side of Chicago, where it’s in a block called O Block,” Brooks said. “It’s named after a young man named Odee Perry, who was shot and killed, and the gangs took the name the O and started calling it O Block.”

The preacher described the area as “one of the most violent blocks in all of the country,” and said he and his organization set out to do something about it. Brooks’ central goal is to turn O Block into “Opportunity Block,” and he hopes to accomplish this through the massive community center.

Pastor Corey Brooks has strong opinions about guns, gun ownership and gun rights as well.

From CNS News:

(CNS News) — Last week at the Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit, Senior Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church of Chicago talked about how gun violence is rampant in the Windy City even though it has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.  This is a consequence of liberal policy, he stressed.  

“We have the strictest, and I mean the strictest gun laws the left could dream up,” said Pastor Brooks. “Guns are plentiful in Chicago, but only in the criminal’s hand.”

According to Brooks, Chicago’s police budget in 2021 was cut by $63 million in the middle of a crime surge with a reduction in police force of 1,343 officers.


“If gun control laws worked, folks, Chicago would be the safest place in all of America,” he  said.

There are terrible repercussions to leftist ideas, he added, including Chicago becoming the slowest growing city in the U.S., losing nearly one million residents since 1950, according to a study at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“The city has been controlled unilaterally by Democrats for generations,” said the Christian leader. “Chicago gives us a chance to see the consequences of unbridled leftism. This is what happens when there are no conservatives in office to counteract the worst instincts of the left.”

While identity politics dominates the left, Brooks reflected on the American Dream and how no individual can take part in individual liberty or personal responsibility, if they have been indoctrinated by dangerous ideologies, such as being told the American Dream is not attainable.

“The left has confused understanding the benefits of work to reducing the value of a job as just a paycheck,” said Brooks. “That’s why for the left, a welfare check is an adequate replacement for a job. It’s the leftist framework – money in from a welfare check is just as good as money in from a paycheck.”

Pastor Brooks is a role model for all of us.

Chicago could use more role models like Pastory Corey Brooks.

Thank God for men like him.

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  1. Good for you for recognizing the heroes in Chicago. Sometimes they come from unlikely places with unlikely faces.

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