It seems that commercial airline tickets are beneath senior execs at the National Rifle Association.  Yep, instead of buying coach seats, the NRA spent over $1.2 million on private jets in 2022. 

This in a time when the NRA apparently can’t even finance a lawsuit to challenge Illinois’ Firearms Ban Act, so they have to have the NSSF pay most of the freight to hire former US Solicitor General Paul Clement.

$1.2M would probably finance at least five major lawsuits across this nation where they are needed most. But instead, Wayne LaPierre and his cronies spend that money on private jets so they don’t have to go through security and sit next to Sally from Des Moines with her infant child on her lap.


The Reload has the dirty details.

Despite slashing core expenses in recent years to account for falling membership and rising legal fees, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has continued to shell out big bucks for luxury air travel.

According to a purchasing policy disclosure report obtained by The Reload, the NRA spent more than $1.2 million with private jet companies in 2022 alone. The report—which details more than $50 million in spending on vendors with which the organization does not have a contract—documents approximately $750,000 in spending to a company called Magellan Jets LLC and another $517,000 to Corporate America Aviation Inc.

The purchasing policy disclosure arrives at the same time as financial documents detailing the group’s continued freefall in membership numbers and year-end revenue. Those have both steadily declined year-over-year since 2018down from nearly 5.5 million members to just 4.3 million. Revenue plummeted by more than $100 million over the same timeframe.

As a result, the group has been continuously cutting spending on education and training, competitive shooting, and other programs at the core of its mission. The NRA spent roughly $28 million less than what was budgeted for all areas other than legal costs and publications, yet it still operated at a loss of around $11 million in 2022—calling into question the decision to continue spending large sums on premium air travel.

There’s a lot more at The Reload.

Meanwhile, the blog “NRA in Danger” reports on much of the stuff that Wayne and his friends would rather keep quiet. Including a story from this past week where one former NRA board member estimated that the NRA has lost one BILLION to corruption expenses – primarily legal bills and lost donations.

Rocky Marshall on NRA Finances 

He estimates that the corruption has cost NRA nearly a billion (yes, with a b) dollars in lost revenue and legal costs to date, and gives the basis for that calculation. He feels that 2023 will show a net loss of $25-60 million, and that the organization has probably reached a point where it is too late to save it, financially speaking. That will be LaPierre’s, and the board’s, legacy to the members and to the Second Amendment.

7 thoughts on “$1.2M WOULD BUY LOTS OF LAWSUITS: NRA spends over $1.2M on private jet travel in 2022”
  1. Wayne LaPierre and NRA management is why I don’t donate money to NRA anymore. I am an NRA Benefactor Life Member, and have been for about 15 years now, but my dollars these days go primarily to GOA. We need an NRA run by someone a lot more dedicated to 2A than a feeble minded fraud like LaPierre. We need another Neal Knox.
    NRA has done many great things over the years, but they simply aren’t aggressive enough, and have allowed gun control to propagate all across the country the past couple of decades. They are far too willing to cherry pick cases and ignore others, and spend millions on garbage that doesn’t oppose gun control.

    1. As long as Ol’ uncle Wayne is in the front office, they will never see another dime of my money

  2. Long time life member as well. I keep sending back their solicitations with a note saying they’ll get no more money from me as long as LaPierre is there.
    It’s now time to vote for board members again. Anyone with suggestions? I have almost no clue as to who to vote for.

  3. That’s why I don’t give to NRA. They don’t seem to accomplish much. They just want to do enough to remain in existence. If they actually did their job, then they might put themselves out of business.

  4. I have been a longtime Life Member of the NRA (actually Golden Eagle) who enrolled my son as a Life Member less than 12 hours after he was born. When a long time friend, Oliver North, got involved, I was ecstatic. When he began encountering all the crap with trips, suits, and interns, I was very sad. This information came out in Indianapolis like a flood and many large donors started screaming as I was doing. After trying to address this at the meeting in Indianapolis and being shut down and North being fired, any money from me dried up and will stay dried up until WLP and his cronies are gone.

    GSL will continue to receive money from me as will the 2nd Amendment Foundation and others.

  5. Christ… NRA’s leadership keeps shooting themselves in the foot. You are right though. $1.2M buys a lot of lawsuits.

  6. GLS IS s filthy hypocrite you boasts up Douchebag DeVore as “bazooka tom” who exploited illinois gun owners. The only thing that DIPSHIT blew up was my faith in GSL and him!!! GOA is doing more for the gun owners of illinois than ISRA and GSL combined

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