UPDATE: The plan to transform the abandoned KMart store into housing for illegals has been “paused” due to pushback from neighbors staunchly opposed to housing illegals in their neighborhoods.

Residents in the Chicago neighborhoods near 71st and Pulaski Road have another reason to own a gun or two for home defense. In recent days, Pritzker’s IDHS announced plans to lease an old K-mart and convert it to house 658 illegals on the city’s southwest side. Because Chicago neighborhoods don’t have enough crime to deal with, right?

Each of those present are in the US illegally, and foreign nations typically aren’t sending us their very best. To the contrary, we seem to get an overabundance of military aged males. Meanwhile most of the women that do come are sexually abused by cartel coyotes. 

WTTW has the story.


The Illinois Department of Human Services is preparing to move 658 recent migrant arrivals into a former Kmart in Chicago for temporary shelter, WTTW News has learned.

The 100,000-square-foot store has sat vacant at the corner of 71st Street and Pulaski Road on the city’s Southwest Side since 2016.

Sources said the migrants — mostly asylum seekers — will be relocated from the suburbs, where they are currently staying at hotels.

And we have homeless veterans who aren’t put up at government expense in hotels. Nor do the poor vets get free medical care at the same level and availability that the state provides to these “migrants.” To say nothing of the poor Americans living in underserved, crime-ridden neighborhoods…

Lori Lightfoot putting a bunch of illegals into a vacant school already caused an uproar in Chicago.  From FoxNews Chicago:


Back to WTTW…

According to documents WTTW News obtained, the site was selected because of its nearby resources and because it is in a welcoming neighborhood.

But some local officials are not yet ready to roll out the welcome mat.

In a letter to IDHS Secretary Grace Hou, local state Rep. Angelica Guerrero-Cuellar said she has serious concerns about the plan.

“Unfortunately, I do not believe the proposed migrant shelter location at 71st Street and Pulaski Road is ready to safely house 658 migrants,” the letter said. “Many questions remain about whether the facility is prepared to serve as safe housing for this many people. I believe it is important that we pause the opening of the proposed site as we work to resolve these issues.”

Ald. Silvana Tabares (23rd Ward) echoes similar reservations:

“After being briefed about the state’s pending plans to house migrants at the location at 71st and Pulaski, I have major concerns for the safety of the local community and the people who will be housed at this location,” Tabares said.

Chief among those concerns: Is there enough public safety around the area? And will the migrants be housed inhumanely in tents after sleeping in hotel beds?

Well, the “migrants” could always return to where they came from…

Johannes Favi is deputy director of the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants. He said he’d rather see families take the migrants into their homes.

How many did Mr. Favi take who weren’t pre-teen or teen females?

“It’s heartbreaking to see that we have buildings empty around the city that are unused,” Favi said. “We have great community response, and we’re not tapping into the resource we have, and we’re just repeating the same mistake over and over again.”

Why wouldn’t we want to house them in empty buildings? Maybe because the owners don’t want their buildings trashed?


Elections have consequences. The party that gave us gun control in the General Assembly (and open borders with Mexico) have facilitated this invasion. There’s nothing we can do except vote, harvest ballots from the agnostic voters out there and do what we can to make our homes safer from criminal attack by having some ballistic therapy for those who would make your family into victims.


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  1. How about JumBo put up these people in the many homes he has? He did put the toilets back in after his tax evasion scheme, right? So, they should be all ready to be occupied.

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