Black rifles have returned! Along with standard capacity magazines! Stores like SCHEELS in Springfield and a host of local gun shops throughout Illinois had customers three, four and six people deep, smiles on their faces, waiting to complete paperwork to either purchase or to take home previously purchased formerly hot-selling home defense devices. To say nothing of buying magazines to feed their hungry defensive firearms. Why, it almost felt like Christmas all over again!

Thanks to court orders, law enforcement could not enforce the new Illinois Firearms Ban Act against those entities listed in the various lawsuits that have had temporary restraining orders issues.

While I didn’t see the excited phalanx of customers at SCHEELS, I was told the helpful store management had multiple copies of a list of people approved to purchase guns that Land of Lincoln political leaders don’t want them to have. And let’s face it, if JB Pritzker doesn’t want the little people to have something, that stands as a pretty good reason to buy two. And by extension, if he wants you to have something, the prudent person will think twice about getting it.

Who was on this lists? No, they certainly aren’t all 2.4+M FOID holders. Instead, they make up the individual plaintiffs in the various lawsuits (including the Macon County voluntary association members) listed on the various lawsuits. Many folks paid Tom DeVore $200 each to join his suits, others made a donation to Dan Caulkins to defray legal expenses.  In the case of Caulkins’ suit, $200 was suggested, but as many as 67% of the people listed didn’t donate anything… Remarkably, a few who didn’t donate a thing then raised holy hell that they weren’t listed as individual plaintiffs. That takes some serious chutzpah!

View from the Governor’s Mega-mansion in Chicago…

What’s more, there’s little doubt Governor J.B. Prizker, aka Gov. Jelly Belly has few good things to say about it. Expect for him to either ignore this publicly while fuming privately, or perhaps he’ll issue a petulant, whiny little statement to sympathetic media come Monday after the Super Bowl.

Pritzker probably already left for Glendale, Arizona on Friday to watch the SuperBowl from one of the luxury penthouse boxes.  

Approved persons.

Curious who is on those lists?

Here are many of them. Look at the plaintiffs listed below. We don’t have the pleading from Friday’s latest restraining order. If anyone has that pleading, please sure a link in comments or email it to me at

UPDATE: I asked for a link to the last DeVore order and came back inside from wielding a chainsaw, turning big logs into fireplace logs and had this waiting for me.  Twice!  Thank you!

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  1. JumBo just made another trip to the food trough at the local buffet and it calmed his nerves.
    How does the piggy eat? Show us how the piggy eats.

  2. John,
    Thank you immensely for your work keeping up with all the developing and changing information on firearms Rights and crime in ILL-Annoy and beyond! I am getting used to the newer web page format and enjoy it very much, thankful for the return of comments so readers can express their views and read other’s varied views.
    You deserve an extra piece of “raison pie” for all your hard work, Muchas Gracias!

    1. You’re welcome. Traffic is growing too. Back before the upgrade (in November-ish), we had about a hundred visitors a day.
      Since the first of the year, we’ve had 46,120 visitors who have made 437,472 visits.


    2. I second this. Thank you John for your hard work. I have been telling all my friends about this blog and encouraging them to join.

  3. Odd that the oversized Hitler wannabe would attend a game when he feels a majority of the players are “offensive”.

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