Kwame Raoul has turned the Illinois Attorney General’s office into a circus, but that’s a good thing for Illinois gun owners.  Raoul couldn’t even get enough counsel to represent the four defendants down in Effingham County this morning.  This was all part of Tom DeVore’s lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of Pritzker’s new gun ban law.

Yes, I know.  This news probably causes you to reach for a tissue or two.  I know it certainly made me a little teary-eyed.

Just kidding.

Maybe Kwame couldn’t get enough of his staff to break away from their work-from-home offices.  Clearly the ones working in Chicago sure as Hades didn’t want to make the trip to Effingham.   “You want me to go where?  Why that’s way down in hillbilly country!” they might have told their boss Kwame.  “They probably don’t have even indoor plumbing there!”

Well, it was a circus in Effingham. Illinois Review has the deets:

Breaking: Effingham County Judge Hears Arguments During Emergency Assault Weapons Ban Hearing, Will Rule by Friday

On Wednesday morning, in an emergency hearing to discuss, what many are calling, an “unconstitutional” assault weapons ban, Effingham County Judge Joshua Morrison heard arguments from representatives of Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s office, and from Tom DeVore, representing over 860 plaintiffs, saying he will issue a ruling by Friday.

Sources confirmed to Illinois Review that late last night, Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s office attempted to delay the hearing by seeking substitution of assigned Judge Chad Miller. In response, Chief Judge Douglas Jarman reassigned the case to Judge Morrison, and the hearing proceeded as scheduled.

Nice try Kwame.

Earlier in the evening, sources also confirmed to Illinois Review that Raoul’s office asked for a one-week continuation, but that request was denied.

Kwame effort #2 to dodge the music.

The hearing proceeded, ex parte (one side only), meaning a Judge can proceed without any representation from defendants. Ex parte is usually reserved for emergency purposes.

During the emergency hearing, representatives from the Attorney General’s office were present, attending on behalf of Gov. JB Pritzker, D, and Attorney General Raoul, D. However, the General Assembly and named defendants Speaker Chris Welch, D, and Senate President Don Harmon, D, were unrepresented at the hearing.

Kwame couldn’t even get representation for four defendants?

The Illinois Attorney General has over 450 attorneys on staff and they couldn’t muster FOUR to represent the four defendants.  Jesus H.

Former Republican nominee for Attorney General Thomas DeVore, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of over 860 plaintiffs, was also present at the hearing.

DeVore argued for roughly 25 minutes, while representatives from the Attorney General’s office spoke for more than 45 minutes.

12 thoughts on “TISSUE PLEASE: IL AG has a bad day at emergency hearing in Effingham County… decision due Friday on TRO”
  1. Isn’t this piece of crap legislation important enough for Kwame da-fool to “take care of business” himself? Maybe he is too scared to get out of Chitcago to southern Ill-Annoy where the law-abiding firearms owners carry LEGALLY!
    Love R. Lee Emory’s therapy session! LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!

    1. Definitely worth the price of admission, I’d LOVE to see him go against a real constitutional attorney with a judge that is well-versed in constitutional law, such as Justice Thomas!

  2. This tyrannical over reach indefensible. Governor Big Boy has bitten off more than he can chew. And that’s saying alot.

    1. By the looks of him, there has never been anything Ole Jabba has bitten off that is more than he can chew.
      But then there is this…..

  3. Kwame continues to beclown himself – now he demands that we hold manufacturers liable for deeds committed by their products. This moron is simply too stupid to be AG – he does not even know the law prevents the very thing he is pimping for. I suggest he read the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and then stuff his woke pandering where he keeps his micro brain.

  4. Please; Let me share with all of you a video of our governor at the World Economic Forum; Brag about passing gun control.
    It occurs at the 1 minute and 50 seconds in the video.

  5. Love Love Love the blog but please don’t use the word ‘h*llb*lly” it’s a derogatory racist slur that should be not used under any circumstance. I know it’s in common usage and no one takes offense but that doesn’t change the fact that racial slurs against any race bad.

  6. Indeed he did have a bad day. Thanks for sharing that transcript. The AG’s attorneys sounded almost like they phoned it in. They’ll get a chance to try harder soon.

  7. Having fought the State in court (DHS and HFS), it is not uncommon for one AAG to represent all the State defendants when they are sued in their official capacities of their respective offices/agencies. But KR continues to bumble and fumble his way to a loss anyway. His arguments are based on now-no-longer-good law cases and standards of review.

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