Is it a case of a knife-wielding carjacker getting karmic justice or is it just another victim of senseless Chicago violence?  Or maybe it’s some of both.  A viral video from last Saturday shows a hapless fellow getting a can of whoop-ass opened up and generously applied.  With love. 

NOT Safe for Work for language and epic violence.  Not appropriate for small children or delicate snowflakes.  

Louder with Crowder has a colorful description of the event.  

Welcome to Chicago. Home to inferior pizza, AEW’s Brawl Out, and so much crime it makes New York City and Los Angeles look like less of a crime-infested suckhole. With so much crime, it’s understandable why someone would think you can break into someone’s car and get away with it. And this guy almost did. Only the car owner came back too soon and proceeded to throttle the jacker all over the streets of Chicago. SPOILER: It involves a metal support beam.

This is all alleged, according to the woman who thought to take out her phone and do it for the content. The beatdown remains undeniable.

Stealing Kias are a big thing with the kids these days. Of course, the elected officials of these crime-infested cities blame the car companies for their cars being stolen and not the policies creating the crime infesting the cities. It’s all part of some “Steal a Kia” challenge on the communist Chinese-owned social media platform TikTok. The algorithm shows Chinese kids doing cool engineering and science sh*t in China. Americans get how-to videos on stealing cars. Totally by happenstance too, I’m sure.

Shout out to my man @KushDNADopest on Instagram. He knew the highlight of the video was the car owner picking up the failed thief by the belt and ramming him head first into the giant metal pillar that holds up The L. So Kush slapped his handle on it to make sure it was in all screen captures. I tip my hat to the promotional prowess.

Unclear is what happened to either man. In a just world, the Kia owner would have left the criminal a crumpled-up mess in the street, gotten in his car, and driven off into the sunset. But this is Chicago. There is more of a chance of authorities rushing to the criminal’s aid while they arrest the victim, asking the failed thief where the bad man hurt him.

Meanwhile CWB Chicago says police made contact with the injured man.  He claims he was just minding his own business when out of the blue someone hit him over the head.

Regardless if he was a criminal or (maybe) just an innocent victim of violence, Chicago is not a very safe place for you, your children, or your family.

6 thoughts on “EPIC BEAT-DOWN: Would-be Chicago carjacker or just another victim of violent crime? [VIDEO]”
  1. Dude is floating on air! I am prolly goin to burn in hell for cheering the guy beating the ever living crap outta that guy, but it was the best thing I have seen all day.

  2. Violence doesn’t need a gun, does it? A carjacker who chose the wrong car to jack, think he will try it again? I bet he does but chooses his victim with more intel, maybe one of those “metro-sexuals” or an old woman/man. Sad way to live.

  3. I could hear that pillar ringing all the way down here in Turdbury, Ill. If the pillar doesn’t leave a lasting impression I think those kidney punches will. He;ll be pissing red for a month.

  4. I woke the wife up cheering for the guy kicking this thug’s ass. She wasn’t as impressed as I was.

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