Every time you hear a politician or a media personality mention “gun violence,” you should mentally translate that to “gang violence.” Not only that, but ask yourself if that politician or media outlet has an agenda by mislabeling gang violence as something entirely different.

Obviously politicians who have enabled this “criminal justice reforms” that have given us this out-of-control crime don’t want to talk about crime and gangs. Instead, failed and inept politicians like J.B. Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot blame law-abiding gun owners and promote more gun control and more government spending to fix the failures of their existing policies and spending priorities.

As for the media, there’s a reason the great majority of Americans don’t trust the legacy media. Too many of these media members are nothing but Democrat party operatives with bylines. They willfully ignore stories bad for their political allies. Or they cover them… with a pillow. Until they stop moving.

The next time you hear some politician or candidate talking about so-called gun violence, call them out on it. Especially in the case of politicians, they usually squirm if you make them address the real issue: gangs. Who knows, if they are politicians in Chicago, they may aggressively deflect away from gangs because a lot of gangs there have some very cozy relationships with local elected officials to provide votes in exchange for the politicians avoiding discussions about gang crime.

As for the media, if they’re trumpeting “gun violence,” they’re probably gaslighting you about other topics too. Look deeper to see what else they’re lying to you about.

One thought on “It’s not ‘gun violence.’ It’s GANG VIOLENCE!”
  1. Are people really so clueless that they don’t understand the gangs are driving so much of this violent crime plaguing our streets?

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