by Marcus Melnick
There are many firearms organizations in Illinois, including, but not limited to GSL, State Line Rifle and ISRA. Online, the Illinois Gun Owners Together (IGOT) group was founded nearly a decade ago.

IGOT isn’t a legal organization. It simply began as a FaceBook group of like minded Second Amendment supporters. At one time, membership neared 10,000 throughout Illinois. However, during the last presidential election, Facebook shut down a number of conservative-leaning groups. IGOT was one of those groups.

So, IGOT leadership rebuilt the community with multiple backups. IGOT also opened a page on MeWe, and the core group of members communicate via Facebook Messenger and Signal.

As a fraternal brother/sisterhood, there are offshoots of IGOT, including a women’s group, a communications group and more.

IGOT isn’t just an “online” presence. We meet up at the Illinois state capitol complex to lobby our legislators, and we show up at city council meetings locally. Not only that, but several times a year, members get together for an outdoor shoot in Ottawa. We’re also proud of a downstate shoot we conduct for a veterans charity and our participation in other groups like GSL. In fact, IGOT will no doubt had a large presence at the Inaugural meeting of the Lake County GSL meeting.

Want to join a group with a great bunch of people as members? It’s free! Just look up “Illinois Gun Owners Together” on Facebook and Mewe. Three questions need to be answered for admittance. They’re not trick questions, either. We hope to see you online, at one of our shoots or at the Northwest Chicagoland GSL Chapter meeting.

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  1. Careful Mr Melnick, you’re giving Democrats ideas on the next thing to ban. That Cannon looks like way too much fun for Democrats to allow. Imagine if the Chicago gangs could all have a cannon or two.

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