A good guy with a gun took care of business Thursday evening at a tanqueria in Houston.  A young man stormed into the place sticking a gun in everyone’s face, demanding cash.  Yeah, he didn’t just rob the store, but the customers too.  While Mr. Aspiring Robber busied himself stuffing his pockets with cash and wallets, he neglected to realize that the patrons get a vote in the matter.

And sure enough, a good guy with a gun accessed his heater and the next time Mr. Distracted Robber walked by muzzling another customer, our good guy burning him down.  Bang bang bang.

Oh, but wait!  It gets better.

The good guy with a gun then empties the robber’s pockets and returns the money, etc. to the other patrons before strolling out of the place before police arrive.

Obviously police would love to chat with him.

But frankly, can you blame him for not wanting to submit to a lengthy grilling session from Houston PD over a very righteous act?

WHOU has more

And no, they haven’t identified the good guy yet.

6 thoughts on “Good Samaritan burns down armed robber at Houston tanqueria [VIDEO]”
  1. We’re getting gypped! Every place that has the video, it stops at the point of justice.

  2. Hip hip hooray. And returning the money to the others there was a really nice touch. So glad we had video to see what happened.

  3. And as always there is more to the story. Seems as if our “good guy” continued to fire after the robber was down including a finishing shot to the head. Our “good guy” may well have gone from hero to murder with an ill advised last round. Perhaps expanding his reasoning for avoiding speaking to law enforcement.

  4. I came back to watch this because it felt so good the first time. Hope it hurt. Stupid should hurt.

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