The video of the attempted carjacking at a CITGO station in Chicago has brought a lot of traffic to Guns Save Life.  In a miracle of sorts, Chicago Police made an arrest.  Then again, the arrestee was shot in the shoulder by his intended victim before the victim succumbed to his wounds.


And guess what?  Mr. 17-year-old was out on two felony gun arrests and a stolen car arrest.  Each of those cases was “adjusted” or “diverted” in Chicago’s social justice criminal justice system.

CWB Chicago has the story.

Chicago — A 17-year-old accused of shooting a man to death during a carjacking attempt at an Englewood gas station this week has been charged with two gun crimes and a stolen motor vehicle case in juvenile court since 2021, prosecutors said Thursday, but all of those cases were either diverted or “informally adjusted.”

Rafael Harvey did not attend his bail hearing in person on Thursday morning because one of the victims shot him during the carjacking attempt and he remains hospitalized in serious condition, according to officials.

The gas station’s surveillance system recorded the alleged hijacking attempt and shooting. Chicago Contrarian posted footage of the crime earlier this week.

With a criminal justice system that doesn’t hold criminals accountable, Chicago will never emerge from the cesspool of rampant crime.

More on the arrest at WTTW if you want it.

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