Jan 1, 2023

Happy New Year!

For guys who have everything, we’ve found something to put on your Christmas list for next year, a champagne gun.  

Anyway, we hope you didn’t celebrate too hard.  I know most of the GSL family were probably in bed before 10 or 11.  You missed an endless parade of shots fired calls in Chicago if you listened to the scanner.    CrimeIsDown.com is the website for free Chicago Police and Fire channels.  734 is the preliminary body count for Lori Lightfoot’s Murder City USA.

I tuned in for a while around 8 tonight and it was one shots fired call after another.  And a 10-year-old shot in the face, with cops at the scene waiting for the evidence techs to take care of two other crime scenes before they could get to the 10-year-old’s place. 

Someone else shot in the gut.  More calls, a couple of fires, more shots fired.  Like a shots fired call every two to three minutes.  But what do you expect from America’s largest open-air shooting gallery, right?

2023 predictions.

Just for fun.

  1.  The Bruen court decision will serve as the wrecking ball which will continue to take down existing laws and stop new legislation from taking effect…
  2. Which leads us to point #2…  5855 won’t be the bill anti-gunners pass into law.  It’ll be a competing bill in the Senate.
  3. We’ll get our temporary restraining order blocking its enforcement.  Appeals will drag through the courts for most of the year.
  4. No Cash Bail?  I predict the courts will strike it down for all 102 counties before the end of this year.  In the meantime, roughly a third of the state will have to endure it.  It was blocked by the IL Supreme Court this afternoon/evening…  post coming.
  5. Sanctuary Counties:  More and more Illinois counties will say, “no thanks” to banning America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 and America’s hottest-selling defensive pistols.  That’s going to serve as a burr under the saddle of Mr. Pritzker and his allies in Springfield.
  6. Pritzker runs for President.
  7. The FOID Act is struck down.  But appeals delay implementation.  For now.
  8.  Chicago hits 700 homicides for the fourth year in a row.
  9. Crime continues to worsen, not only for Chicago but in cities downstate as well.
  10. Guns Save Life will add a tenth meeting location.

Other predictions.

  1.  The stock market will continue to decline.  Thank you Joe.
  2.  More and more people will recognize “Build Back Better” as nothing but socialism/communism.
  3. Build Back Better will continue to lead to shortages of foods and products for consumers.
  4. Donald Trump takes commanding lead in Republican nomination for 2024.
  5. Joe Biden will resign (or die).  Kommie Harris will ascend to the presidency.
  6. We’ll wish we had ol’ Sniffer back.
  7. Inflation will continue to run very hot.
  8. We’ll see $5 gas at least once in 2023.
  9. We’ll see “load shedding” (fancy word for rolling blackouts) in the MISO regions of Illinois on at least one occasion.  Rolling blackouts will become the new norm, eventually.  Which will be bad news for people in new, all-electric homes.  Got your generator?  It’s not too late.
  10. Elon Musk should hire the best executive protection team he can find.