Bad news for bad guys.

The Illinois Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order blocking enactment of the “No Cash Bail” provisions of the SAFE-T Act.  This is a HUGE blow to Kwame Raoul who appealed a Kankakee Court’s ruling earlier this week blocking its enactment in something like 68 counties.

From the Cook County Record.

IL Supreme Court puts bail elimination on hold while appeal continues of ruling declaring law unconstitutional

The Illinois Supreme Court has slapped a hold on the elimination of cash bail in Illinois, giving time for the state high court to hear an appeal of a Kankakee County judge’s ruling declaring the state’s Democratic supermajority ignored the state constitution and illegally stripped authority from the courts when they enacted the controversial criminal justice reform law package known as the SAFE-T Act.

On Dec. 31, with just hours remaining before the New Year and the scheduled end of cash bail in most of the state’s most heavily populated counties, the state Supreme Court granted a supervisory order sought by the state’s attorneys of DuPage and Kane counties to create a single standard statewide for the time being.

In the order, the high court said the order is intended “to maintain consistent pretrial procedures throughout Illinois.” The court declared the bail elimination provisions contained in the SAFE-T Act is stayed and will remain on hold while appellate proceedings continue.

The order is a blow to the state’s Democratic leadership, and particularly Democratic elected officials in Cook County, who had indicated their intention to ignore the ruling from Kankakee County Judge Thomas Cunnington.

There you go.  They had planned to ignore the court order from Judge Cunnington.  Let’s see if they ignore the Illinois Supreme Court.

It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve made up the rules as they go along.  Just look at how Cook County State’s Attorney doesn’t prosecute a whole lot of crimes as it is.