Fee Fi Fo Fum.  The bad might might smell the blood of a scared homeowner, but if that homeowner has a firearm to defend the home, the big, bad wolf might be better advised to go to church instead of commit home invasion robberies.  A Nevada bad boy, armed with a shotgun, learned the hard way that home invasion is a high-risk “profession.” 

Cops in Nye County, Nevada say a homeowner will face no charges after they shot a 48-year-old home invader who not only forced his way into the home, but then kicked open the bedroom door. Displaying exemplary gun control, the homeowner shot Shawn Richard, 48, center mass, ending the attack rather promptly.

Fortunately the homeowner had his defensive gun handy because Richard, who was wanted for violating his parole, was carrying a shotgun he’s picked up during an earlier home invasion elsewhere.

News3LV has the story . . .

Deputies responded to a report of a shooting on Kellogg Road around 9:30 p.m. Thursday, the sheriff’s office said in a recorded video.

Authorities learned that Shawn Richard, 48, unlawfully entered a home, and the homeowner heard him from the bedroom.

Richard kicked the bedroom door open and the homeowner shot him twice in the chest, according to the sheriff’s office. …

Deputies also found in his possession a shotgun reported stolen from a home invasion the night before.

Mr. Richard apparently escaped the taxpayer relief shot and will likely survive his wounds. In addition to the parole violation, he’s facing home invasion, grand larceny of a firearm, burglary and prohibited person in possession of a firearm charges now, too.

This sounds like the textbook case of armed self-defense on the part of the unidentified homeowner. And if they called 911, that would have created an audio recording of the incident.

If the homeowner says something along the lines of, “Intruder! You’re in my home. I’ve called the police. Leave Now! I am armed. If you come in here, I will shoot you!” and then moments later the bedroom door bursts open, that makes a pretty compelling case that few prosecutors would even think of taking to a jury.

Of course, there are always prosecutors who will prosecute clear-cut cases of self-defense just for political expediency, but most of the time most of them try to do the right thing.

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