Our friends over at the Illinois State Police put out a press release touting that automatic FOID renewals will begin January 1, 2023 for those who have fingerprints on file.   Each time you purchase a firearm, upon the FTIP approval, the FOID card will automatically be renewed for a ten-year period from that date.

Here’s the press release.

3 thoughts on “Auto-renewals for FOID cards for those with prints on file to start Jan. 1st”
  1. So they are essentially eliminating the fee for the card? The can’t sit well with the leftist Democraps.
    Got my (non-requested) combo FOID/CCL card recently. The CCL endorsement on it seems so small and almost non-noticeable. I can certainly see a problem if one is in another state and has to present that to an LEO for proof of CCL. Put the new card away and will continue to carry the previous FOID and CCL cards.

  2. How nice of them. We’ll see if we still have a Ford card in two years. It’ll be interesting when it’s gone.

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