An unwelcome intruder crawling through a window in the middle of the night qualifies as the worst kind of nightmare for most people.  For women though, especially those who live alone, a man climbing through the window is especially worrisome.  One woman in West Birmingham, Alabama, however, had the perfect equalizer to deal with big, burly intruders coming through a window at oh-dark-hundred.

Yeah, proper planning prevents poor performance.  And in this case not so long ago, she used that perfect equalizer to great effect early one morning, firing shots at a 5′ 10″, 160-pound home invader. Her shots found their mark and caused the 29-year-old intruder to flee hastily, leaking as he ran.

The aspiring home invader managed to stumble about a block down the street where he collapsed at a gas station. Police arrived and provided some first aid until paramedics arrived. In the end, he simply died tired.  The woman had successfully delivered the taxpayer relief shot in that taxpayers won’t have to further pay for the incarceration of Mr. Jamel Nathan Thomas, aged old enough to know better (29) of Birmingham.

He won’t be victimizing anyone else and he becomes one of the 1.6 million defensive gun uses that occur annually in the United states.

We’re glad the homeowner is safe and wish her the best dealing with the aftermath of a deadly attack.


One thought on “WOMEN’S WORST NIGHTMARE NEUTERED: Intruder crawling through window gets shot…”
  1. It is getting to the point where the career criminal thugs need to be “taken out” rather than rely on the inept “justice system” and the revolving door incarceration for the worst offenders. This includes law enforcement who have to be frustrated beyond tolerance watching it all unfold. This may sound callous but there comes a point that “second chances” are a moot point and career criminals have no redeeming qualities. True justice equals DRT (dead right there).

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