Meet Kamari Pleasant.  Mr. Pleasant he is not.  Nineteen whole days after he got probation on a gun case, he had a Glock with a full-auto switch installed and he fired off a long burst at Chicago PD officers chasing him.  Amazingly, the police didn’t shoot him down on the spot, but instead arrested him.

Someone over at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office then did the unthinkable.  

They prosecuted him.

Sort of. 

They plea bargained away 27 counts of attempted murder and ten other felonies ranging from felon with a gun, possession of a stolen gun, and possession of a machine gun to a single count of shooting at the police.

And a judge actually sentenced him to 12 years, which in Illinois prison years is more like six if we’re lucky.

CWB Chicago should be part of your daily read, and they have the story.

Just 19 days after Kamari Pleasant received probation for a felony gun case in November 2020, he was accused of firing a machine gun at Chicago police officers who chased him on the city’s South Side.

Pleasant, 24, has now cut a deal with prosecutors. They dropped 27 counts of attempted murder and ten other felonies. He pleaded guilty to aggravated discharge of a firearm toward a police officer. And Judge Carol Howard sentenced him to 12 years.

So Mr. Pleasant will be out in a few years after spraying full-auto machinegun fire at the police, recklessly endangering who knows how many people downrange while trying to kill police officers.

And Illinois blue cities wonder why they have a violent crime problem.

3 thoughts on “CATCH & RELEASE ‘JUSTICE’ FAIL: 19 whole days after getting probation on gun conviction, man fires machine gun at Chicago Police”
  1. They should have “taken him out” knowing what they know now. Mr. Pleasant has no redeeming qualities when he is “out in society” and he will be just as dangerous while imprisoned, no doubt. A wasted life that will waste other lives given the chance.

  2. They plea bargained away 37 felonies and got him on one count ??? WOW !!!! Great job from Kim Foxx and her crew !!! Great job Cook County liberal moron voters !!!! Cook county residents live in fear as crime skyrockets then vote pro criminal !!! You get what you vote for so enjoy it. So glad I moved far away from that plugged up toilet long ago.

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