Class 2 felonies in Illinois are serious business, with 3-7 years in prison plus big fines.  Some examples of Class 2 felonies including kiddie pron, aggravated domestic battery and aggravated criminal sexual abuse (otherwise known as sex with a minor over age 13 when the perp is more than five years older than the minor).  Now, Rep. Bob Morgan (and some of his friends like La Shawn K. Ford – Barbara Hernandez – Maura Hirschauer, Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, Rita Mayfield, Thaddeus Jones, Margaret Croke, Daniel Didech, Robyn Gabel and Jonathan Carroll) in House Bill 5855 want to slap you with a Class 2 felony if you have two or more standard cap magazines holding over ten rounds.

For example, 2 or more magazines for America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 equals 3-7 years in prison.

Now, I can see a lot of folks sitting back and saying to themselves, “Whew.  I don’t have one of those icky ARs.”

Yeah, if you have a 9mm defensive pistol and a spare standard cap magazine (and most come with two magazines), you’re right there with those icky AR owners.

Merry Christmas!

Do you understand yet?

And then there’s the Under-21s who would be prohibited from shooting, owning guns, or handling guns and ammo under this bill.

You get the idea.

Todd Vandermyde does a nice job explaining it in this video on YT.

Meanwhile in Chicago from HeyJackass:

4 thoughts on “House Bill 5855: Two or more standard capacity magazines = Class 2 FELONY”
  1. Is that per gun or total owned? If I have 10 AR’s of different calibers, can I have two each or..

    Well you get the idea. This is organic fertilizer. It is also contrary to Bruen. We will have to beat them endlessly in court as they pass more onerous laws they can”t enforce and which won’t help save any lives.

  2. Here is a novel idea, look at the criminal side of our society, prosecute them and make examples of them. Continue to prosecute the criminal until he /she learns how to behave in a polite society. Leave the law abiding citizen alone.

    1. That’s a great idea but it won’t happen because we have too many brain dead zombies voting for liberal politicians and liberal politicians coddle criminals and see them as the victim of our mean ol’ society.

      The saddest part is we have way too many gun owners that are too lazy to be bothered to go to the polls once every few years and counter act the decline of our freedom.

  3. IL is a trash heap of Liberalism and idiocy, and I for one can’t wait to leave this festering boil on the backside of the world for the last time.

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