We don’t know how this one made it past us this past summer.  But we’re correcting this overlooked tidbit.  5.8%.  Thanks to the no-snitch culture, and a shortage of police officers, Chicago residents see arrests made in crimes against them just 5.8% of the time for the worst offenses.  That number has fallen from 15% twenty years ago – which frankly is appalling on its own.

The Chicago Sun-Times had these horrific numbers in a story titled, “As violent crime in Chicago soared, arrests fell to historic lows” back in July.

Screencapture by Boch from Sun-Times.

Overall, including petty offenses (not sure if it counts traffic offenses or not), the overall arrest rate for all crimes reported is just 12.8%.

For all crimes reported.  

People know that bad guys don’t get caught.  Bad guys know it because they have little or no fear of apprehension.  Good guys know it, that’s why reported crimes in Chicago are down almost 60% over the last twenty years.   Now if you believe that crimes are down 60% in Chicago in that time, you may have eagerly sent your bank account information to the guy in Nigeria prince who said he wants your help to collect his lottery winnings and that he would wire you a couple million to “help” him.

Screen capture by Boch from Sun-Times.

Putting a little math to that:  If crime rates have remained relatively flat in the last twenty years, then the clearance rate / arrest rate for the most serious crimes in Chicago is really closer to 3.5%  and 7.7% for crimes overall.  That’s approaching the point where street justice begins to rear its head.   

Because if someone kills or molests your child or your spouse, and you know who the offender is but the cops only have a 3.5% chance of actually making an arrest, it become tempting and then some to take care if the justice end of things yourself.  

And why not?  You know that the cops have a less than one in twenty chance of catching up with you as well.

2 thoughts on “Chicago PD makes arrests in just 5.8% of the worst crimes”
  1. And the sheep keep voting for politicians that make everything easier for the wolves. Soooo glad I moved away from that garbage can years ago.

  2. This is just all part of the Marxist-democrat agenda/philosophy to destroy the American “way of life” and impose their “controls” over the citizens, impose laws to restrict firearms ownership, destroy capitalism and impose “social just-us commu-socialism”. The more anarchy, crime, etc., the easier to take over the political system to destroy America as founded.

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