Jim Durkin.  Base image courtesy Illinois Public Radio. Brian Mackey.

Little Low-T Jimmy Durkin, the state representative who recently resigned his leadership position in the Illinois House is drowning in irrelevancy.  There’s no oxygen of publicity for a perennial loser.  Durkin, who angled his way into the House Minority Leader position about ten years ago was a case study in incompetence in leadership.  He resigned after this election that saw him lose yet another five seats in his caucus.

First of all, the pompous narcissist “Leader” Durkin demanded people address him by his title, “Leader.”  Who else does that?  An equally short, fat guy with a bad haircut and worse tailor in North Korea named Kim.

Leader Durkin (may I call you “Leader Low-T” for short?) and his fatally-flawed beliefs successfully rode the minority caucus of mostly pro-gun state reps from 54 the year before he took over to 40 following this election. 

That’s some great leadership.

But you want to know what Low-T also did exceptionally poorly?  Manage resources and raise money.

See, Little Low-T did a poor job fundraising.  Granted, most of it was self-inflicted.  Most folks won’t donate to a perennial loser, and even fewer will donate to a politician who will then misspend the money to promote causes the donors don’t or won’t support.  Personality only goes so far, and Leader D. wasn’t gifted there either.

Making matters worse, what monies Jim-Bob had going into this Midterm election cycle, he spent the biggest part of it in the primaries trying to get his loyalists (otherwise known as butt-kissers and toadies) elected over far better qualified and more attuned to pro-gun voters (to say nothing of “normal people”) in the primaries.

So, as an example, Durkin succeeded in getting candidates like Scott Preston in Bloomington elected in the primary over a far better, but less monied candidate.


Scott Preston.  I’d recommend Gillette for you.  Jeremy’s might be a little too toxically masculine for you.


Back to Scott…

Yeah, the guy portrayed himself as a family man with stock photos instead of using photos of him and his then-pregnant wife.  

In the end, Scott Preston, campaigning for gun control as a Republican in a Republican district is a great recipe for…  welcoming in a cop-hating, criminal- and gun control-loving radical leftists to win what should have been a shoe-in for Preston. 

But Preston adopted the Jim Durkin “moderate” philosophy and he lost.  Along with at least five other similar races across Illinois.  Yes, it was a redistricting year, but Dems had redistricted so radically after 2010 that making the maps even more favorable for them wasn’t really in the mix.

Other races, including another one slightly west of Bloomington Normal saw Durkin spend six-figures of precious resources to elect another flawed Jim Durkin loyalist candidate in the primary election.  Fortunately, the other primary candidate, Dennis Tipsword, had a good message, a great ground game, and he did a terrific job articulating conservative, America-first values that will help working class residents in our state – including defending their right to defend their families with those guns Jim Durkin finds so icky.

Anyway, now that we’ve laid the groundwork for Jim Durkin’s utterly failed leadership and demonstration of incompetent bordering on malicious leadership, here’s his wife’s defense of her omega-male husband in the Chicago Tribune.  They have no shame.  Or maybe she’s not used to criticism in their circle of cocktail-class Republicans.  Or better yet, maybe he just needs to caucus with the Democrats.  

There, I said it.

Caucus with the Democrats, Jim.  You can be their token “moderate.”

The story is behind a paywall, but we got it.  Let’s fisk it, shall we?

From the Tribune

State Rep. Jim Durkin is an endangered species — a socially moderate, fiscally conservative gentleman who plays well with others. Now, the reasonable dad of the Illinois Republican Party has had enough, post-election. He picked up his keys, and he is going for a drive. As his wife, I am happy for him and beyond proud. As a constituent, I’m at a loss.

Increasingly, he is an endangered species.  As he should be.  Normal conservatives don’t want pompous, uniparty elitists at the head of their party, screwing the working middle class time and time again.  Socially moderate?  We have a word for that:  squish.  Or you can call them spaghetti spine.  Or a political cuckservative.   

The mom in me wants to fold my arms, give the “Mom look” to those who have made this mess and say, “Now look what you’ve done. What do you have to say for yourself, young man, young lady?” But I won’t because I know what will happen if I do. While our nation watched in horror as the Capitol was stormed on Jan. 6, 2021, Jim publicly condemned the insurrectionists, earning us death threats.

The Capitol was stormed?  LOL.  The police held the doors.  

Lil Jimmy publicly condemned the “insurrectionists”?  LOL.  Which party does Jimmy (and his wife apparently) better align with?  

As a former Cook County prosecutor and father, Jim just wants to keep everyone safe.

Oh, he’s such a knight in shining armor.  He just wants to keep everyone safe.

That has consistently earned Jim a low grade from the National Rifle Association — a grade that could not make me love him more.

Maybe that and a big bottle of extra strength little blue pills and some lube.  So she loves her husband more for keeping the little people stripped of their fundamental Constitutional right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves and their families?  Wow.  Someone get her an oxygen mask because the air atop that exceptionally high horse is obviously thin.

This Republican soldiered on like a one-man army and voted for the 2018 assault weapons ban, and he worked hard to close gun show loopholes, understanding the Second Amendment is a complex issue.

If 27 words is a complex issue, she must be stumped by the Republican party’s platform supporting the right to keep and bear arms.  And Supreme Court decisions with pages and pages of text?  Wow, she might need a fresh box of wine to go with that oxygen mask along with some tissues when she breaks down crying after giving up understanding those big words on that first page of the Bruen decision text.  

And to think she writes fiction for a living.  Oh wait, maybe that’s what this is…

It is not for the simple-minded.

You’re right.  So why are you writing about gun rights, something you clearly don’t understand?

Yes, he believes people have the right to hunt and defend themselves and their families

You know who else said this?  Joe Biden.  Chuck Schumer.  Dick Durbin.  Barack Obama.  All pillars of liberty and freedom, right?

, but that does not give them the right to bear arms that eviscerate schoolchildren or paradegoers on a corner in Highland Park, where I once lived, where we attended parades as a family and waved American flags.

There we have it.  She lived in Highland Park, with the median home value of $599,000.  Clearly the working man’s city, right?  She was born with a silver spoon up her rear end.

Jim’s mission has always been to grow the Republican Party, not diminish it.

You could have fooled us.  

He took a stand and voted for the Equal Rights Amendment supporting gender equality. These are the positions that earned him the title of RINO — Republican in name only — from the far right, a pejorative that he is proud of. During this cycle, Jim just could not support candidates who were disciples of the former president. Knowing where that could likely lead, he still stuck to his principles. That’s how you set a good example for your family, political and otherwise.

Oh, he just couldn’t support candidates who put America first.  Indeed.  He should caucus with the Democrats.

I think about our dear friend John McCain, and the town hall where he defended his opponent, Barack Obama, against a woman’s racist remarks. I think about Jim stopping his car in front of a stay-at-home protest and admonishing a demonstrator, telling her to put down her horribly offensive sign that compared our Democratic and Jewish governor to Adolf Hitler. I think of former President Ronald Reagan and former Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill who were great friends and political opposites.

Our dear friend John McCain.  Cough.  Cocktail class Republicans in Name Only.

I think about Jim’s U.S. Senate race against Sen. Dick Durbin that was gentlemanly and without lies and mudslinging because that is what you call good sportsmanship. Remember that? They distinguished themselves by focusing on facts and policy — with emphasis on the word “distinguished.” To this day, we’re proud to call the senator from the other side of the aisle our friend because he’s a good man, even though his and my husband’s political philosophies are not at all aligned. We rode with Durbin to McCain’s funeral and toasted our dear, mutual friend, the honorable statesman and war hero whose service was mocked by our former president.

Durkin LOST by 22 points in 2002 against Dickie Durbin.  22 points.  Jesus tried to send Little Low-T a message twenty years ago yet this “moderate” gun control supporting Republican didn’t hear it.

Even with ballot harvesting in full swing, that icky Darren Bailey with his support of gun rights, American first and not being afraid to align with President Trump garnered almost half-again more votes that Low-T Jimmy got running his “gentlemanly” Low-T campaign for Senate in 2002.  See what’s happening here, Jim Durkin?  You suck.  Voters have rejected your “moderate” squishy political positions.

Our government is based on a two-party system with checks and balances, and it applauds healthy, even spirited debate. But, Illinois Republican Party, you are in big trouble. I just can’t look at you right now. And while you sit up in your room, while your dad cools off, I really hope you think about what you’ve done.

This isn’t a crackup of the Republican party.   It’s a crackdown on the squishy, low-T “moderates” who better align with those in the other party who want to put American last while they’re banning your right to keep and bear arms.

Celeste Fisher is part of the Stanford University novel writing program. Her husband, state Rep. Jim Durkin of Western Springs, stepped down as Illinois House minority leader earlier this month.

Look at this.  Omega-man Jim, the consummate cuckservative, married a woman who didn’t even take his name after marriage.  We know who wears the pants in that house.  And probably other things as well.

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  1. Read that this fool made the comment that no one in the Darren Bailey camp should ever be in a position of power in Illannoy. Who wants to bet that this turd voted for the bigger turd, Prickster? Then they wonder why the Illannoy Republican Party doesn’t gain any traction.

    1. I didn’t see that but it wouldn’t surprise me. And I’d bet the farm that Durkin voted for Biden. And Hillary.

      Again, Durkin should switch the party with which he caucuses.

      Assuming the Dems would take him.

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