Weapon disarms very frequently result in the loss of the magazine.  Just that happened to a carjacker in Chicago who lost his gun during an attempted carjacking.  The would-be victim wrested control of the gun and administered some street justice until police arrived to take a freshly tuned up bad guy into custody.

Richard Rubio’s booking photo shows clear evidence of his face repeatedly and vigorously striking a handgun slide.  Or was it vigorously and repeatedly?  Either way, Mr. Rubio will remember that fateful day a lot longer than he’ll be in prison.

CWB Chicago has the story.

Chicago, IL — Prosecutors say a Chicago man disarmed a would-be carjacker and beat him with his own firearm on Saturday. It happened just east of Midway Airport, at the intersection of 56th Street and Kolin Avenue.

Moments after a man parked near the intersection, a gunman wearing a ski mask walked up to the front passenger door, pointed a gun at the woman sitting in the passenger seat, and ordered her out. The woman complied, and the hijacker walked to the driver’s door as the man was getting out from behind the wheel, prosecutors said.

56th and Kolin?  Who would have thought “carjacking” there?

56th and Kolin in Chicago. Hardly a bastion of high crime and carjackings…

He demanded the victim’s wallet, but the man said he didn’t have one and asked if he could simply get his phone out of the car before the gunman took it. The hijacker refused and said he would be taking the phone with him.

He was wrong about that. Very, very wrong.

As the hijacker prepared to enter the victim’s car, the man lunged at him and grabbed his gun, prosecutors said. The two men fell to the ground.

The victim applied a chokehold to the hijacker and punched him over and over and over again until the offender finally let go of the gun.

It’s interesting how everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face…  repeatedly.

Then, the victim took control of the weapon and used it to beat the hijacker while the female victim called 911, prosecutors said. When Chicago police officers arrived, the victim let go of the carjacker so he could be taken into custody. The cops found a 9-millimeter ghost gun nearby but never located its ammunition magazine.

Prosecutors identified the beaten hijacker as Richard Rubio, 30. He is charged with attempted aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm and attempted armed robbery.

Sounds like someone had some specialized training in weapon disarms.