What happens when life hands you a crap sandwich and says “take a bite”?  Sometimes good people can do everything right and still have to pull the trigger on a bad person with evil in their hearts.  A year ago, such an incident happened in Will County, IL.  Sheriff’s deputies were called to a domestic featuring a 21-year-old holding a knife.

Cops told Jabbar Muhammad to drop the knife.  Jabbar, like many criminals, feigned compliance.

Then all hell broke loose in an instant.

In an instant…  well let’s talk about that.  It took Jabbar nine frames – or three-tenths of a second to go from feigned compliance to hitting the carotid artery in the grandfather.  And half of that time was reaching with his left hand to grab his victim and hold them as he stabbed.

He also worked his way around his grandfather to use the older man as cover from police gunfire.

After the stabs and shots, both men fell to the ground whereupon Jabbar, with certifiable murderous intent in his heart, continued to stab his grandfather in the throat.  Whereupon officers fired more shots, even as the two men writhed around on the floor and there were no clear shots.

Less than a minute later, the cops were doing CPR on the grandfather, but he didn’t make it.

Of course there are lawsuits from the family, because police gunshots indeed contributed to the grandfather’s death in addition to multiple stab wounds to this throat.

Here’s what CBS 2 says:

There are still many unanswered questions about what the video shows and how deputies responded. Family members of Wells and Muhammad sued the sheriff’s office in October, accusing deputies of failing to separate the two before firing shots. The lawsuit also accuses the deputies of yelling at the scene and agitating Muhammad before he lunged at Wells with the knife.

Failure to separate the parties?  And using a command voice might agitate the knife-wielding kid just released from a mental health admission? 

Maybe they should have queued up soothing classical music?

There’s more in the news report.  It’s worth a read.

Here’s the video.  It’s NSFW, even with the volume down.



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  1. Why does it take so many shots to stop these guys? I know the 9mm is almost as good as everything else, but I wonder when I see these types of shootings.

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